Will Dom beat Jay? Release date and more!

Will Dom beat Jay?  Release date and more!

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September 9, 2022

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Wind Breaker Chapter 410 will be a tough cycling battle between Jay and Dom. The previous chapter was about Jay and his rivalry with Dom. Som Sunbae appeared at the school after a long time. Also, his appearance has changed drastically. But it turns out that he did some serious training with his brothers to become the Super Ace Humming Bird champion. However, he had something more than this training.

The next chapter will reveal Dom’s secret riding technique. He unleashed all of his power at the end of the previous chapter. However, it looks like Jay won’t let him win so easily. Jay himself is a great cyclist, and he also needs to have some tactics to beat Dom in bike races. But what is this? The answer will be revealed in the next chapter of the manhwa. Read the article below to find out the plot of the future manhwa!

Wind Breaker Chapter 410: Will Dom Defeat Jay?

Wind Breaker Chapter 410 will be an entertaining chapter. It would be priceless to see the two big bikers from Jay’s school face off. However, this fun battle will not make the participants weak. Dom had unleashed his true power with a shepherd’s move. Also, it’s unclear if Dom will overtake Jay with this move.

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The next chapter will also reveal Jay’s potential as the school’s representative in cycling. But he also had to use whatever technique he trained to defeat Dom’s opponent. Jay’s skill is better than Dom’s at cycling. However, Dom has strengths that improve his cycling cadence. This will make Dom invincible on the flat track. So Jay must unlock the key inside him to win the race.

windbreak 410

What happened in the previous chapter?

Wind Breaker Chapter 409 takes place at Jay’s school. Professor Sungchun announced that the students had to study because the exams would be held in the next few weeks. Everyone was talking about Sungchun’s appearance and beard. However, Yuna entered the panel and asked about Dom with Jay and his girlfriend. But Yuna asked him to stay away because he was getting fatter.

Other students also mocked him. However, Dom challenges Jay to a race with him. Jay agrees to run and the two show up on the track. Once the race began, Dom quickly took the lead. Dom later revealed that he had undergone strength training to increase his strength. However, Jay got over him after some time. So Dom decides to give it all up and have a serious run with Jay.

windbreak 410

Windbreak Chapter 410: Release Date

Wind Breaker Chapter 410 will be released on September 9, 2022. However, it is unclear if in the next chapter Jay will win the race. Dom was in his own zone at the moment, and he wasn’t in the mood to lose again. This chapter will be available on the official Naver Webtoon website. Stay tuned to Restless Ink for more updates on upcoming manhwa chapters!

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