Who insulted NTR?

Who insulted NTR?

The saying that if you overdo it, you will perish is apt for the Telugu Desam Feast. Who can’t blame the Chandrababu Naidu+ brothers for opposing the removal of the NTR name from Health University and naming it in honor of Dr. YSR. But the politics being done under that mask is a very overreaction. To remove the NTR name, they are turning on the Telugu people’s self-esteem. Removing the NTR name is an insult to the Telugu nation.

It should be noted here that changing the NTR name has nothing to do with Telugu race and self-esteem. Telugu people should realize that NTR is not the only one and self respect is not just TDP. Whatever happened to NTR, no one accepted that it was a disgrace to the entire Telugu nation. If anything happens to NTR, it will only happen to him. In fact, NTR died of mental breakdown because of Chandrababu and Co, who were speaking big words about the Telugu nation and self-respect.

Who fired NTR from the post of chief minister? Who said NTR has nothing to do with TDP party? Who are the causes of mental suffering and death? Everyone knows that the answer to these questions is Chandrababu, NTR Santhanam and TDP leaders. NTR was insulted because of the sons of Chandrababu and NTR. Now the name change is a very small matter. NTR does not support renaming.

Whoever is in power, it is the habit of everyone to give names they like. Why was the name of SV University Stadium changed to Chandrababu NTR Sports Pavilion? Why did Chandrababu change Bapatla Engineering College and Agriculture College to NTR Engineering and Agriculture College? He thought he had the power to change the names as he was the chief minister, so he changed them. Now Jaganmohan Reddy is also following the same method. If Chandrababu does the right thing, how can it be wrong if Jagan does the same thing?

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Amaravati: Who insulted NTR?

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