Video shows angry passenger assaulting flight attendant

Video shows angry passenger assaulting flight attendant

(NewsNation) – Barrie Livingston witnessed something that has become all too common on flights in recent years: an unruly passenger turning violent.

Livingston witnessed – and captured on video – a passenger, annoyed at not being able to use the first-class restroom on a flight, punching a flight attendant in the back of the head as he fumed over his lack of restroom privileges.

After the man punched the flight attendant, Livingston said two men on the flight helped another flight attendant restrain the man to a seat using duct tape.

“The sad thing is you’re not safe in the air, and the FAA isn’t doing anything about it, and I don’t know why the flight attendant unions… those poor flight attendants, it’s just a matter of time,” Livingston said. on NewsNation’s “Rush Hour”.

Livingston’s full interview can be seen in the video above.

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