Utah man arrested after hitting school bus driver and threatening to kill passengers

Utah man arrested after hitting school bus driver and threatening to kill passengers

SUNSET, Utah – A 57-year-old man was arrested on Friday after police said he ran over a school bus driver and threatened to kill him and the rest of the passengers on board.

Barry Gene Bambrough was arrested and placed in prison on charges of:

  • assault on a peace officer or military member of the SVC in uniform, class A misdemeanor
  • threat or terrorism — weapon/bully, second degree felony
  • disorderly conduct, offense
  • assault against school staff, class A misdemeanor
  • interference with a prison officer, class B misdemeanor

According to arrest documents, the plaintiff – identified as a school bus driver – told officers that a man grabbed him through the window and then beat him and the school bus while he was in the area of ​​1850 North and 75 West on Sunset. The man then told the driver that he was going to get a gun and shoot the entire school bus. He also told the school bus driver to get out of the vehicle so he could kill him.

When officers arrived at the scene, the school bus driver was “shaking and in tears”.

“He stated that there are 3 students with disabilities on the bus and an assistant. He… feared for his life and the lives of others on the bus with him,” the statement of probable cause read.

The bus driver went on to explain that he was a substitute for the day.

According to the documents, the driver was on his way to pick up a student but wasn’t sure where he was going. As he drove slowly down the street, trying to find the student’s house, the bus assistant warned the driver that the student did not need to be picked up.

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Upon leaving the area, the bus driver reportedly heard someone yelling at him.

“He kept driving and his voice got louder. Screaming for him to stop,” the documents stated.

The bus driver told police that he finally stopped the bus and a man walked towards the driver’s side window. He hit the bus driver’s left arm and tried to pull him off the bus. He then told the driver to get out so he could kill him.

The bus driver described the man as a Caucasian man in his 40s, wearing a V-neck baseball jersey in a dark color and bald.

When contact was made with Bambrough, an officer with the Sunset Police Department said he yelled at her to take the shit off her property, take off her uniform and badge and leave it on the front porch.

In the probable cause statement, police said they were familiar with Bambrough “from previous settlements.”

When asked if he talked to a school bus driver, Bambrough said yes.

“He then said I will bash his head in with my sledgehammer,” the arrest documents stated.

The officer then described hearing loud noises of him hitting things inside the residence before exiting through the back door.

“He walked towards me with two objects on his person. He was using a guitar and he had a long metal object.”

The officer said Bambrough matched the description the bus driver provided, adding that he was wearing a V-neck baseball jersey and was going bald.

As the officer tried to start her investigation, she said that Bambrough kept walking towards her. When asked to stop, he continued walking.

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When it came time for the officer to handcuff him, he resisted.

Eventually, Bambrough was handcuffed and taken to the Davis County Jail.

“He stated that no buses should pass through his property again. He will kill them all,” the arrest documents read.

The officer said that Bambrough also threatened to kill her for taking him to prison.

“He said I’m going to rape you and cut your arms and legs off your body. I will then rip your ears off your head and your eyes that I gave you. I’m God.”

Source : ksltv.com

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