Transmit or ignore?

Transmit or ignore?

Although most of the series we’ve seen on Star Wars franchise has characters with a little more moral ambiguity than in the movies, they’re still playing one way or the other. But in andor, we see a version of Cassian Andor who is not yet a rebel hero, just a guy who wants to know where he came from. And that creates some intriguing possibilities.


Opening shot: The lights of a bridge pass by as the rain falls. A man in a hooded coat walks down the bridge. “MORLANA ONE, PREOX – MORLANA CORPORATE ZONE. ABY 5,” reads an on-screen graphic.

The essence: Cassian Andor (Diego Luna) is in this stronghold of the Empire looking for someone. He enters an expensive brothel and asks Madame if anyone from the planet Kenari worked there. He is essentially looking for his sister, although he doesn’t know her name.

Two century-old guards working for the Pre-Mor Authority, who hired the Empire to provide security, harass him at the brothel bar, then follow him outside as he tries to leave the corporate zone. He fights them, but in the process accidentally kills one of them; he shoots the other in the head to protect himself.

He returns to Ferrix and knows he needs to leave immediately. First, he meets his friend and co-worker Brasso (Joplin Sibtain), who stopped by his house looking for him the night before, and helps him prepare an alibi. He then visits his friend Bix Caleen (Adria Arjona), looking to sell a very valuable item, an untraceable NS-9 Starpath unit, to finance his escape. Bix is ​​skeptical and wonders how he has such a dangerous item and wants to get in. But Cassian doesn’t need a partner; he just needs credits and lots of them.

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Meanwhile, Syril Karn (Kyle Soller), a deputy inspector for the Pre-Mor Authority, wants to investigate the Sentinel murders. His supervisor, Chief Hyne (Rupert Vansittart), wants to sweep it under the rug and call it an accident. But while Hyne is away at an Empire conference, Karn continues to push the investigation.

We also see what we assume is a young Kassa (Antonio Viña) in his village in Kenari, protecting his little sister (Belle Swarc), but then leaving her behind when he joins the older children on a hunt that appears to be preparing them. for the battle.

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What shows this will remind you? andor it’s a prequel to a rogueshowing how Cassian Andor became the rebel hero he was in the movie.

Our outlet: Like most comments from andor stated, is a Star Wars series that is probably the least similar to the rest of the franchise. It’s dark and noir, with Cassian Andor as an extremely mysterious figure from the start. Even the Empire elements we see are more realistic, with the people of the Pre-Mor Authority acting like the contractors they are – they eat blue noodles out of containers and carry drinking glasses, like their office. companions can.

We don’t learn much about Andor in the first episode, other than the fact that he is from this mysterious planet of Kenari, he is looking for his sister and is now on the run after killing those sentry guards. But Diego Luna gives him the mysterious air he needs. Now, as he tries to flee Syril Karn and hides on Ferrix, we’ll likely learn more about him. But after the first 35 minutes, all we know is that he’s not the hero he was on. A rogue.

And we’re fine with that. We need a dark and morally ambiguous entry into the Star Wars franchise. Even the TV shows have always been about good versus evil, the rebels versus the Empire, in some way. Even when we see reluctant participants, as in Boba Fett’s Book, these participants are still on one side or the other. With Cassian Andor, we see a man who will do anything and go anywhere to discover a past he doesn’t know much about; he is a man who will do bad things to what he thinks is a good end.

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Creator Tony Gilroy is happy to spend his time telling Cassian’s story, especially the part that (we assume) is about Kenari, with an (we assume) a young Kassa speaking to his sister in a mysterious language with no subtitles. We should find out what happens through his actions, but we’re also not 100% sure how that fits into Andor’s story. But that seems to be by design. It’s a show that’s content to reveal itself slowly, and we’re in agreement given how compelling a character we know Andor is.

Sex and Skin: None.

Farewell shot: Kassi leaves her sister behind while a group of older boys go off to battle, or at least to hunt.

Sleeping Star: Dave Chapman plays Andor’s stuttering droid B2EMO, who is beaten up and needs all his energy to maintain a lie, but appears to be quite loyal to Andor.

Most of the pilot-y line: When Hyne tells Karn to conjure up a story about the death of the sentries, he tells him to do “something sad but inspiring in a mundane way”. Uh, sure, boss, whatever you say…

Our Call: TRANSMIT IT. andor it’s a dark and morally nebulous slow burn of a series. If you weren’t part of the Star Wars canon, it would be a good noir adventure on its own. But it’s certainly a welcome departure from the usual franchise fare.

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