Time TRAVELLER! Release date and spoiler

Time TRAVELLER!  Release date and spoiler

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September 9, 2022

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The time jump mystery continues to forge new questions for Tokyo Revenges fans. The final chapter is probably one of the strongest events we’ve ever seen. After fighting for a while, Takemichi finally asks Mikey why he chose to be this terrible man. To that, he provides an answer that changes everything for this story. It is revealed that in addition to Takemichi, Sanichiro is also a time jumper. So here’s everything you need to know about Tokyo Revenges Chapter 269.

In the following story, fans will finally find out what this time jump means. Only selective people have this power, and we only know two of them in history. So the mystery will be revealed next week! Read on to find out what all these revelations mean.

Tokyo Revenges Chapter 269: What Will Happen Next?

The final chapter reveals that Sanichiro, Mikey’s brother, is also a time jumper like Takemichi Hanagaki. It is revealed that the two are trying to save Mikey one after the other. However, the whole process of saving him and changing the timeline caused Mikey to lose his heart. He also explained that these urges were not used to block his emotions in the past. This reveal is definitely one of the strongest plot twists in the story.

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So now, chapter 269 of Tokyo Revenges will continue Mikey’s monologue where he talks about how things are changed by Sanichiro as well. And this time, we’ll finally find out the reason behind Mikey’s transformation into the story’s main villain. Fans are already excited to see what this twist will do for Takemichi Hanagaki’s character.

The Avengers of Tokyo 269

Previous Chapter Recap!

Chapter 268 of Tokyo Revenges begins with Takemichi discovering his newfound power as he can see every move that comes his way. So he defended every move and counterattacked him right there. Everyone was shocked to see what happened when Mikey fell to the ground. The chants of “Toman” began to fill the air as everyone saw victory coming.

But as soon as Mikey got up again, he asked why Takemichi came back. She tells him that she promised to protect everyone from Toman. Hanagaki also tells him that she knows that Mikey is also suffering from pain. This chapter ends with the revelation that Sano Shinichiro is also a time jumper.

The Avengers of Tokyo 269

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 269: Release Date

Mikey’s fall is one of the best scenes that brings all the applause. Therefore, no break has been announced on the release of this chapter. Tokyo Revenges Chapter 269 will be released this week without interruption. The final release date for this chapter is September 14, 2022. Fans will be able to pick up all chapters of the manga only from the official Kodansha page. So keep an eye on Frustrated Ink for all updates here.

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