Throw it in the fire: Pepsi reveals the flavors of the “S’Mores Collection”

Throw it in the fire: Pepsi reveals the flavors of the “S’Mores Collection”

it’s possible burn an idea, or erase all traces of an offensive image from the internet through the purifying power of fire? Let’s hope so, because you’ll no doubt want to start building a pyre after a good, long look at the horror above you: Pepsi is releasing a “S’Mores Collection” of flavored colas, starting today.

Fortunately, the cola maker seems to realize that this concept isn’t something that could hold its own beyond the novelty factor of tasting it once, so the trio of different S’Mores flavors – chocolate, biscuit and “toasted marshmallow” – are being only offered for a limited time. In fact, it looks like they won’t even be in stores – if you want to inflict this on yourself, you’ll have to be one of the 2,000 contest winners. According to the brand:

Starting today, fans can share a picture or description of what they’re doing on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtags #PepsiSmores and #Sweepstakes and follow @Pepsi for a chance to win a limited-edition Pepsi S’mores collection set.

Ah, there you have it – a piece for social media followers. Still, let’s celebrate how awful each of these flavors individually sound, shall we? We’ll note that we’re again grateful for the fact that they come in mini 7.5oz Pepsi cans, another admission that surely no one would want to drink a large amount of them.

Pepsi Toasted Marshmallow: This is “a whole new Pepsi concoction,” according to the company, which means you could be the lab rat – lucky you. It takes a “marshmallow base”, which is an unsettling thing to read about on a cola, and adds “layers of toasted notes to mimic a light hearth flavor”.

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Graham Pepsi Biscuit: This one is “infused with notes of honey and cinnamon to achieve the perfect, balanced graham cracker flavor profile.” Dare we say this could aspire to be the least offensive of the S’Mores lot.

Chocolate Pepsi: This one “contains dominant notes of cocoa throughout, with light hints of vanilla to create an extra creamy sweetness, mimicking a slightly melted chocolate flavor.” Or, to put it another way, food scientists were so busy asking if they could, that they didn’t stop to consider whether he must.

Pepsi is even gregarious enough to include a bevy of different “recipes” to match the mini cans, apparently thinking so little of their audience that they don’t believe people can figure out “I can match this in any proportion” on their own. Leave it to a soda giant to find a way to think less of its customer base, more than 50 years after it hit store shelves. That’s Pepsi for you: An innovator.

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