The Retaliators (2021) – Review | Horror Movie

The Retaliators (2021) – Review |  Horror Movie

play the long game

This revenge story is about taking your time. Both to ensure you have the right person – which is hardly an issue here – and to ensure revenge is slow and sweet. For you, not the person you’re punishing, of course.

Since we see what this person does, I found it easy to enjoy the revenge scenes. Also, I like that the actual murder scenes weren’t dragged out. Attending the retaliators it’s truly about revenge and not just about violence in all its forms.

Well It is that too, but violence against those who have wronged others!

The cast includes Marc Menchaca (ozark, The outside, no one gets out alive) and Joseph Gatt (ghost, War of Thrones) in key roles that I won’t reveal here. I always enjoy seeing them both, but in terms of versatile actors, I’m a big fan of Marc Menchaca. His performance in this film is another strong one.

The main protagonist is played by Michael Lombardi and while I enjoyed his performance, his character is not the strongest. Still, he did exactly what he needed to do here and manages to carry the retaliators We will.

The rock stars in the retaliators

As mentioned before, the retaliators also features guest appearances and music from many familiar rock faces. These include Tommy Lee of Mötley Crüe, Ivan Moody of Five Finger Death Punch, Zoltan Bathory and Chris Kael. Plus Papa Roach, Jaya from The Hu, Spencer Charnas from Ice Nine Kills, Amanda Lyberg from Eva Under Fire.

But wait, there’s more. You also get Matt Brandyberry, Danny Case, Lance Dowdle and Matt Madiro from From Ashes to New, Cory Marks, Dan Murphy and Miles Franco from All Good Things. All this on top of an original soundtrack by Emmy-winning songwriters Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein (Weird stuff).

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For me personally, that rock angle sometimes takes up a lot of space. Not at the end, but at the beginning, sometimes it spoils the rhythm a little. However, I completely respect that this is part of the DNA of this film.

And me too truth appreciate the fact that first draws action movies from the 90s and then becomes virtually one. That’s how you do pop culture and kitsch moments right; Recognize that it can be a little corny and then just lean back and enjoy the craziness!

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