The Catholic School – Review | Netflix Suspense

The Catholic School – Review |  Netflix Suspense

The Catholic School is based on the Circeo Massacre

As already mentioned, The Catholic School is a film based on a truly brutal case from 1975. However, as this is a fictionalized view of the case and not a documentary about a real crime, the film tries to give us more information. Not to help understand the perpetrators, but to explain everything that happened before the event.

The first two acts show us how all young people in this very wealthy area of ​​Rome are consistently conditioned to become “real men”. Some of the professors even state quite naturally that to become a man you must do evil and have evil done to you.


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These teachings are obviously dark and terrible, but they also explain the worldview of these young people. Just as he explains that many of these young people seek guidance elsewhere. Among these boys (or youngsters) you will find all the classic types, which you would find in any High School all over the world.

Also, there is a focus on the fact that only one of the young people really believes in God. He comes from a family that preaches love and understanding, which conflicts with most of what he is told. A stark contrast that becomes important to show that religion itself is not the problem. The way it is taught and abused is!

After these first acts that introduce the difference of family and origin, we begin to follow those who will continue to commit the terrible crimes of kidnapping, rape, torture and murder. As such, the final act of this film is very brutal as it largely follows the true story of the Circeo Massacre.

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