Take a look inside a $650 NYC apartment the size of a parking space

Take a look inside a $650 NYC apartment the size of a parking space
  • A YouTube video of a small $650/month apartment with a hall bathroom went viral.
  • The tenant, Alaina Randazzo, says she left a luxury apartment and is now saving $1,850 a month.
  • Randazzo says New York is expensive and that micro-life allows her to invest and travel.

New Yorkers love to complain about living in small apartments, but they’ve probably never lived in a place as small as Alaina Randazzo’s – which doesn’t even have a bathroom in the unit.

A video by YouTuber Caleb Simpson showcasing Randazzo’s 24-meter by 45-meter apartment – the equivalent of a standard parking spot – was seen by more than 2.3 million surprised (and horrified) viewers, many of whom were shocked by the fact that the 25-year-old chose to live in such cramped quarters.

But what it lacks in square footage it makes up for in price — Randazzo pays just $650 a month for the apartment, located in midtown Manhattan. That’s an impressively small number given that the average rent in New York is now $4,100 a month, according to a report by Douglas Elliman.

Randazzo, who works in fashion media, told Insider that he previously sublet a room in a luxury skyscraper for $2,500 a month. But she didn’t like the “micromanaged” management in her building—or the fact that she never left the building because she had so many amenities.

So, earlier this year, she started looking for a new place. She initially wanted the apartment just below the one she currently has. “There was a bathroom in the unit, and I think an oven,” she said, but someone grabbed it before she could see. Despite her small size, Randazzo told Simpson that getting her current apartment was quite competitive.

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“There were so many people visiting the apartment when I arrived, and the agent was like, you’re so much fun, I think you should have this,” she said, calling the unit a “hot commodity.”

The Missouri native moved into space in February. She said she initially had some reservations about the unit, and her parents feared it might be a hoax, but so far, so good. She is saving and investing her money, and with more change, she is much more likely to be walking around town, exploring local cafes, traveling and spending money on premium dog-watching services for her dog. “I mean, he’s spoiled,” she says.

“I feel like this apartment is definitely for someone who is on the go, because honestly I’m only going to use it for sleeping here,” she said, noting that she often spends her time outside for work or travel. “Last week was fashion week. I literally wasn’t home.”

Take a look at what might be the smallest apartment in New York City.

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