South Korean sexual harassment of women?

South Korean sexual harassment of women?
The incident that victims complained to the chief minister’s special department demanding strict measures against the director of the car key manufacturing company, Kiang Joo Lee, who often sexually harasses female employees, created an uproar in Tamil Nadu. .. there is a car key manufacturing company in Kadambathur Union Thodugadu of Tiruvallur district. Total 300 people are working in this company. The director of the company is Kiang Joo Lee from South Korea and a person named Ramu is working as HR. There are allegations that young women working at the company are often sexually harassed with the help of director Kiang Joo Lee and HR Ramu. It is known that when affected young women complained to the police and the Mappedu administration in the past, the police compromised. Director Lee, who was shocked by this, fired some of those who complained against him. It is known that some others were transferred from there to another branch. Lee, who remained silent for a few days after being tipped off by police, recently opened up about the harassment.

He began to behave badly with the girls who worked at the company, going directly to the rooms where the girls were staying and harassing them. As a result of this harassment, the victimized women complained to the local police, the president of the panchayat and the special department of the chief minister. They asked to take strict action against Kiang Ju Lee, who sexually harassed them. It became known that for two months Lee has been harassing a 27-year-old woman who works at the company. It is reported that Lee went to the young woman’s residence and threatened to let her live with him, otherwise he would be fired from his job.

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In this context, the audio of the young woman’s complaint to the company’s management over the phone about Lee’s threats has now gone viral. “I’m getting married soon. At this point Lee’s harassment has increased. He’s harassing me more and more. If this situation continues, there is no other option but to commit suicide.” Audio of the young woman talking to the owner has now gone viral on social media.

And when someone from a foreign country, this one too, a child country like South Korea, comes to our country with a long history to open up our country’s life and is so boldly bothering our women, then it’s completely understandable what it is. the miserable condition of our country, they burn like a dog. So this is the fate of our country.

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South Korean sexual harassment of women?

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