Sheriff’s office says Georgia’s mother Debbie Collier was not kidnapped despite Venmo’s cryptic message

Sheriff’s office says Georgia’s mother Debbie Collier was not kidnapped despite Venmo’s cryptic message

Georgia authorities do not believe Debbie Collier was kidnapped before she was found dead in a ravine earlier this month – despite the 59-year-old mother’s cryptic Venmo message to her daughter before her disappearance suggesting “they won’t let me go.” ”.

“At this time, there is no evidence to suggest or support that this incident is related to a kidnapping or that it is a suicide,” the Habersham County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement late Wednesday.

The revelation only fuels more questions about what happened to Collier after she was reported missing on September 10th by her husband Steve and their daughter. The report came just hours after Collier’s daughter Amanda Bearden received a Venmo payment of nearly $2,400 from her mother.

“They won’t let me love you, there’s a house key in the blue flower pot by the door,” read the message on Venmo’s payment.

Less than 24 hours later, authorities found Collier naked and badly burned in a ravine about an hour from her home in Athens.

A report of the incident from the Habersham County Sheriff’s Office, obtained by The Daily Beast, said Collier was found “lying on her back, holding a small tree in her right hand”. Her remains were found near a burnt tarp, a red bag and a rental car she was using after crashing her car.

Details of Collier’s cause of death are still pending, although authorities are treating the case as a homicide. Collier’s family did not immediately respond to The Daily Beast’s request for comment.

While authorities have yet to reveal a motive behind the murder, a neighbor said The New York Post that Collier was involved in a “screaming and fighting” incident the night before his disappearance.

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“There was commotion in the house,” said the neighbor, who was not identified. Another neighbor said that Collier and her husband did not mingle with other residents on the street, including never participating in the block barbecues.

An Athens-Clarke County missing persons report says investigators spoke with Steve Collier, Debbie’s husband of nine years, on Sept. He told police he had not seen his wife since the night of September 9 – the night of the alleged “commotion” – when he went to bed at around 9pm. He said that when he left for work in the morning, Collier’s rented SUV was still in the garage.

“He clarified that he and Deborrah sleep in separate rooms due to his snoring,” the report states. “Both Amanda and Steven have stated that this is unusual for Deborrah to do this. She has never done anything like this before.”

At around 12:30 pm on September 11, Collier’s rental car was seen parked near an old logging road. His body was found a few meters away near a red bag by an uprooted tree. Next to the tree there appeared to be “remains of a fire”, the report added.

Bearden told police his mother “had no history of mental health problems and denied any suicidal tendencies,” the incident report states. “She also stated that her mother had back problems and couldn’t have walked much.”

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