Santo (2022) – Review | Netflix thriller series

Santo (2022) – Review |  Netflix thriller series

A crime thriller with a satanic twist

As if a thriller with a crime plot involving drug and people trafficking was not enough, there is also the satanic twist. Crime boss Santo performs rituals where children are found in pieces. In Episode 1, we learn that all the pieces of the child’s body are there. Except for the brain!

And yes, episode 1 also ends with a twist (or cliffhanger if you prefer), so you should definitely be ready to go. If you watch the trailer, there’s also plenty to make you want to keep watching.

All the superstition through human sacrifice in satanic rituals is a great addition to this being a tight cop thriller. However, it obviously won’t be for everyone due to its brutal nature. As a Spanish-Brazilian production, there are a lot of very direct images, so be ready for that.

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