Roger Federer Net Worth: The Swiss Legend’s Career Earnings Explained and Why He Could Still Become a Billionaire

Roger Federer Net Worth: The Swiss Legend’s Career Earnings Explained and Why He Could Still Become a Billionaire


The year is 2032. Roger Federer has completed 10 years of retirement and is enjoying himself, thank you very much.

There’s the annual Wimbledon appearance on the BBC. He doesn’t play the whole fortnight, don’t be silly, but he kindly sits with Isa Guha for about 20 minutes last Sunday before the game starts on center court.

Federer loves grand slams without the pressure of playing. He also heads to New York, Paris and Melbourne every year to soak up the hospitality, explore a little more of the cities he’s only seen from a hotel room during his career, and then grab a front-row seat for the weekend. finals while asking. whether this 29-year-old Carlos Alcaraz is really going to break all the Big Three records.

Then, of course, there’s charity work. A former UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, the Roger Federer Foundation is now an important focal point in his life, and his drive to improve education in Africa goes from strength to strength.

The priority is still his family, of course, but with his twin daughters in their 20s and his twins turning 18, he’s getting a little nervous at the prospect of an empty nest and calls his old friend Rafael Nadal. Time for another world tour? Yes let’s go…

All of that may be ahead of him, but in 2022, Federer still doesn’t know what a fake retirement will actually look like, although when you’re revered as one of the greatest athletes of all time, the money just keeps coming when you retire. , and it seems safe to suggest that he’s only halfway through his journey to potentially becoming a billionaire.

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For the dollar, according to the ATP website, Federer has earned $130,594,339 (£114,206,708) in prize money during his career while Forbes estimates that he has raised around $1 billion (£875 million) in endorsements and other business ventures before tax and agent fees, while there are also entry fees from tournaments he has participated in over the years, albeit a precise figure. for that. You may never know.

That doesn’t mean he’s still a billionaire, but with a reported net worth of around £500 million, Federer looks capable of becoming the fourth billionaire athlete after Michael Jordan, LeBron James and Tiger Woods.

Current sponsorships include a 10-year deal with Uniqlo, the Japanese clothing brand that reportedly paid Federer $300 million (£262 million) to leave Nike in 2018, while Lindt, Mercedes-Benz, Credit Suisse and Rolex are listed among their other sponsors.

His appeal is unlikely to wane much after retirement when it comes to sponsorship, while he also has a stake in On, the Swiss sportswear company he could invest more time and money in in the future.

Then, of course, comes the biggest draw for his army of fans around the world. The prospect of exhibition events around the world, as the 41-year-old says in his retirement note on Thursday.

Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal played to over 50,000 fans at Cape Town Stadium in 2020 (Photo: Getty)

“I will play more tennis in the future, of course, but not at Grand Slams or on tour,” he said.

Federer reportedly won $10 million (£8.75 million) for a stop in five Latin American cities in 2019, playing Alexander Zverev in a bullring in Mexico City seen by over 42,000 fans, and then broke the record. again to a tennis crowd. when over 50,000 people watched him play with Nadal and other stars at a charity event in Cape Town, South Africa.

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This could very well be Federer’s future on the court, playing in packed stadiums not built exclusively for tennis, and through Team8, the management company he created with agent Tony Godsick, who organized the Latin America tour, we’ve already seen a glimpse into how the 20-time grand winner will continue to be involved in the tennis sphere, as well as his idea, the Laver Cup, the traveling event coming to London next week.

So, expect to see Federer in a stadium near you. Maybe not this year, maybe not next year, but rest assured Federer fans, it will happen and given its popularity it could be on a massive scale.


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