Recommended 5 Best Sports Themed Anime

Recommended 5 Best Sports Themed Anime

Sports-themed anime is indeed an interesting spectacle. This anime has an exciting storyline that is closely related to sports such as basketball, football, and so on. For sports anime fans, there are recommendations for the 5 best sports-themed anime to watch. The five anime will be explained one by one in detail below.

Here are the 5 Best Sports-themed Anime Recommendations to Watch

1. Futsal Boys!!!

Futsal Boys!!! become one of the best sports-themed anime that is interesting to watch. This anime was released in 2021. Futsal Boys tells the story of Haru Yamato’s struggle to become a futsal player. He joins the Koyo Academy Futsal Team. He competes with his teammates and schoolmates. His dream is to become a national team player as good as Tokinari Tenoji.

2. Haikyu!! To The Top

Haikyu!! Also being one of the best sports-themed anime. This anime has been released since 2020. This anime tells of a student named Tobie Kageyama who is very happy to play volleyball. Later, he managed to escape and enter the national training camp. While there he trained with very talented national level players and trained hard.

3. Tamayomi The Basketball Girls

Tamayomi The Basketball Girls is one of the anime with the best sports theme. This anime was released in 2020. Tamayomi The Basketball Girls tells the friendship of Yomi Takeda and Tamaki Yamzaki who loves baseball. They had separated then rejoined and formed a baseball team. The ultimate goal is to win the baseball national championship.

4. Number24

Number24 is also one of the best sports-themed anime. This anime was released in 2020. Number24 tells of a rugby athlete named Natsuza Yuzuki who is very reliable and becomes a star. Unfortunately, he got into a motorcycle accident that left him with a hernia. As a result, he became a manager. Even so, he still tried to do his best.

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5. Waves!! Yappe Surf!!

Waves!! Yappe Surf!! become one of the best sports-themed anime that is interesting to watch.. Wave!! Yappe Surf!! tells the story of Masaki Hinaoka who is very interested in surfing after meeting Shou Akitsuki. Shou taught him a new world in surfing such as techniques and tricks. This made Masaki even more excited to learn surfing techniques and tricks.

Those are the recommendations for 5 sports-themed anime that are very interesting to watch. Sports-themed anime fans must watch the five anime above. The 5 anime above have storylines related to various types of sports that will be fun to watch. So, try to start watching the five anime above from now on to enjoy the excitement of the storyline.

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