Ram Gopal Varma made a fuss at Bigg Boss Ashureddy’s birthday party.. Viral video..!!

Ram Gopal Varma made a fuss at Bigg Boss Ashureddy’s birthday party.. Viral video..!!
Ashu Reddy is a name that doesn’t need to be introduced to Telugu television audiences. She is attracting everyone with her glamor and acting. However, Ashu Reddy participated in the Bigg Boss-3 show and gained good recognition. After an interview with RGV, Ashu Baby became totally famous. And Ashu’s daring interview with RGV went viral at the time. If that’s the case, those two made a lot of noise once again. If that’s the case, September 15th is that seller’s birthday. And with that, on Thursday night, the anniversary celebrations of this sale were held in style.

But RGV, who attended this party, made a fuss with Ashu. This video is currently going viral on social media. However, Ashu Reddy gained recognition with dub smash videos and social media. After that, she gained good popularity with some short films and private songs. But her life completely changed with Bigg Boss and after coming from Bigg Boss, she became very busy with TV shows. Ashu Reddy is always in the news with controversial interviews and hot photos on social media.

On his birthday Thursday, his father gave him an expensive car. Furthermore, she threw Ashu Baby’s birthday party for her peers but sensational director Ram Gopal Varma attended the party. She held Ashu Reddy’s hand in her own style and cut the cake. Both gave cake to each other. Film actress Hema, Hariteja, Mehboob, Bajardast Pavitri and others also attended this birthday party. However, currently the video of Ashu Reddy’s birthday celebrations is going viral on social media..!!

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Ram Gopal Varma made a fuss at Bigg Boss Ashureddy’s birthday party.. Viral video..!!

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