Queen mourners with no way home can sleep on welfare trains, but the locations are being kept secret

Queen mourners with no way home can sleep on welfare trains, but the locations are being kept secret


Members of the public stranded in London overnight after visiting the queen’s coffin will be able to sleep on empty trains in the capital.

Empty carriages are kept open at certain stations for passengers who miss the last service home after lining up to pay tribute to Her Majesty.

Network Rail, which organized the opening of the trains, has not yet released the stations where they were placed, however empty trains are reported to be in use at King’s Cross and Waterloo.

Meanwhile, some train operators are working on introducing more services to handle the influx of visitors to London.

An estimated 750,000 people could make the trip to the capital to see the Queen in the state, with many forced to queue overnight.

On Friday morning, the line stretched for more than four miles and wait times were supposed to be at least 11 hours.

Network Rail said it has seen a 9% increase in usage at its London stations in recent days compared to the same period last week.

Transport for London said there was a 20% increase in recorded arrivals and departures at Charing Cross, Green Park, Hyde Park Corner, London Bridge, Piccadilly Circus, St James’s Park, Victoria and Westminster stations on Wednesday compared to with the same day of the event. last week.

About a million people are expected to travel to London on Monday to personally witness the Queen’s state funeral.

On the day of the funeral, a full train schedule will run from Monday to Friday, with around 250 additional services, including some night trains.

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The funeral will take place at 11am at Westminster Abbey, before the queen’s coffin is carried in procession to Wellington Arch across the Mall.

TfL Commissioner Andy Byford said the transport body was facing the “biggest event and challenge” in its history on Monday.

The transport body plans to keep most tube lines open for another hour on Monday, the day of the state funeral, meaning the last services on several lines will depart London at 1am.


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