Putin ally dies in ‘mysterious’ circumstances; Top aviation scientist dives to his death from a great height

Putin ally dies in ‘mysterious’ circumstances;  Top aviation scientist dives to his death from a great height

A leading Russian scientist died under mysterious circumstances in Moscow. Anatoly Gerashchenko fell to his death a series of flights of stairs on Tuesday. Russian President Vladimir Putin’s ally headed the Moscow Aviation Institute (MAI).

“This morning, 73-year-old Anatoly Gerashchenko fell from a height, flying [down] several flights of stairs. The scientist received injuries incompatible with life. The doctors who arrived at the scene were unable to save the professor,” Russian channel TASS said on the messaging app Telegram, citing MAI.

Anatoly Gerashchenko
Anatoly Gerashchenko

Gerashchenko dove to his death from a great height

Gerashchenko most recently served as an adviser to the current MAI rector, Mikhail Poghosyan. The electrical engineer joined MAI in 1977 after completing his degree.

Gerashchenko served as dean of the MAI

He served as dean of the MAI from 2007 to 2015. A commission, which will include officials from the Russian Ministry of Education and Science, the State Labor Inspectorate and the Moscow Aviation Institute, is being formed to investigate the death.

Gerashchenko is rumored to have fallen out with Putin’s inner circle, leading to him being forced to step down as rector seven years ago, according to The sun.

Gerashchenko was removed from his post in a Raider takeover of the Institute

The reports also alleged that Gerashchenko was removed from his post in 2015 in a “takeover of the institute by squatters”. He was reportedly expelled by the then Minister of Education and Science Dmitry Livanov, who is directly involved in the Ukrainian war.

Gerashchenko has published hundreds of scientific articles

The MAI said in a statement that the advisor died as a result of an accident and his death was a “colossal loss for the MAI and for the scientific and pedagogical community.

Gerashchenko was honored with merit to the motherland

Gerashchenko, who has published more than 100 papers and scientific articles, was also honored with the Russian government’s “Merit to the Fatherland” medal.

This happened after a high official of the Russian Federation mysteriously died in September. Ivan Pechorin fell over the side of a boat in waters off Russky Island. He was Putin’s man for Arctic resource development.

His body was only found after a search of more than 24 hours. Recently, Pechorin attended an important conference organized by Putin. Officially, he held the position of managing director of the Far East and Arctic Development Corporation. In recent months, several Russian officers have mysteriously died.

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was dean of MAI

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