NFL Star Talks Fighting Warriors’ Draymond Green

NFL Star Talks Fighting Warriors’ Draymond Green


Getty Golden State Warriors star Draymond Green reacts after being called for a technical foul.

With each new episode of his podcast, Golden State Warriors star Draymond Green makes headlines with his hot photos and revealing interviews. But the gamer-turned-analyst is doing much more than generating clicks: he’s helping a generation of professional athletes discover their voice.

Case in point: Pittsburgh Steelers defensive tackle and five-time Pro-Bowler Cam Heyward.

In the first episode of his pod, Not Just Football, in July, Heyward used Green’s buzzword “new media” to describe himself in his latest venture. Not only that: he called the Dubs star by name and rejected those who criticized Green’s podcast during the NBA playoffs.

More recently, however, the 33-year-old fighter considered the possibility of facing Green in the boxing ring.

Heyward calls the warriors star as a potential opponent

As the September 14 episode of his show neared its end, Heyward and co-host Matt Walsh found themselves discussing celebrity boxing matches involving professional athletes, which naturally led the duo to dream of possible fights for the US star. Steelers.

To be clear, Heyward rejected the idea that he would attend such an event.

“First of all, I’m never going to do this shit,” Heyward said. “When I retire from that, I’m relaxing a little bit. I care a lot about this game and what I’m doing now, but I’ll wear out later.”

Interestingly, though, it was Heyward who introduced Draymond as a potential opponent, citing the MSU-Ohio State rivalry (if you can really call it that). Walsh jumped at the idea in no time.

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You versus Draymond would be a fun boxing match. That would be a lot of fun,” Walsh said. “Draymond is great because Draymond sells the fight… Draymond will sell the fight to the fullest. We will be able to sell hundreds of thousands of tickets.”

Heyward added: “Oh yes, I’ll let Draymond do the talking. He will prepare the fight.

That said, Green seems even less inclined to shoot than Heyward. The four-time champion went straight to Twitter upon learning of Heyward and Walsh’s argument and made it clear that he is more Don King than Mike Tyson.

“I’m definitely going to do all the big talk…as a promoter!” Green wrote. “I’m not stepping into anyone’s boxing ring…NO SIR!!! Come on Steelers! 1 to 0.”

The idea was inspired by last week’s Le’Veon Bell-Adrian Peterson fight.

The only reason Heyward and Walsh were discussing hypothetical matchups was Saturday’s fight between former Steeler Le’Veon Bell and future Hall of Famer Adrian Peterson.

As part of the Social Gloves: No More Talk undercard, the two riders faced off in a five-round fight that ultimately saw Bell land a tough right hand for the TKO victory. “I really appreciate everyone’s love and support,” Bell said after the fight, via ESPN.

Elsewhere on the card, former warrior Nick “Swaggy P” Young faced off against social media influencer Minikon. However, the fight ended with no decision when a hard blow sent Young through the ropes of the ring, after which he decided not to continue.

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