New ‘The Bachelor’ Zach Shallcross Is The Wrong Choice, Ethan Kang Should Be

New ‘The Bachelor’ Zach Shallcross Is The Wrong Choice, Ethan Kang Should Be

It’s not that he didn’t win. As bizarre and totally unpredictable as the single Season 19 may have been for our leads, Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey, at least one contestant kept things consistent: Every week, contestant Zach Shallcross presented a consistent, compelling case for himself as the next bachelor. He said all the right things, cried at all the right times and behaved, above all, like a man who was there. for the right reasons.

So why are so many fans (including this one) rolling their eyes at the idea of ​​spending an entire season with Zach now that he’s been announced as the show’s lead next year? This could just be because fans liked the other option better.

His name is Ethan Kang, and he should have been the Bachelor. He is a 27-year-old advertising executive from New York. He has a captivating smile and a heart-melting sweet disposition, and it looks like the hottest GAP model you’ve ever seen. AND he coined a new-classic slur when he called Tino (eventual season winner and loser) “a real back-baby bitch” for throwing a tantrum over a group date.

On top of all that, Ethan could have been the first Asian-American single in franchise history. If Matt James and Rachel Lindsay’s runs as the first Black Bachelor and Bachelorette seem to indicate, being the “first” anything on Bachelor Nation can be more than a little difficult. Still, for some fans, Ethan’s selection could have signaled another step forward for the franchise.

Ethan competed for Rachel’s heart during the recently ended double season and went home during week 6. In previous years this may have been too early to consider, but in a post-Colton Underwood and Clayton Echard and Katie Thurston world, the prospect seemed less tenuous. For a while, it looked like there was a real movement behind Ethan to Bachelor. In the end, they went with Zach – and host Jesse Palmer rubbed it in our face with the bizarre comment that, finally, “The Single Doesn’t Look Like Me For The First Time!” (One…)

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Rachel seemed in love with Zach all season, but he eliminated himself after a fantasy date train accident where the bachelorette party seemed to question his commitment due to his age. Apparently, Rachel (26) was very concerned that the account executive (25) might not be ready. As Zach later said People, “I don’t think…there’s an age limit for when you decide you want to fall in love and get married. If you’re ready and you feel well equipped with yourself – you love yourself, trust yourself and want to share that with someone else – it doesn’t matter how old you are.” Listen Listen!

Still, Zach’s casting received just as warm a reception as Clayton Echard’s the previous season – which is to say, fans don’t seem to be enjoying it. The main review? Zach seems too uninteresting to be Single – even if his family ties to Patrick Warburton guarantee another Kronk cameo next season.

Again, that’s nothing against Zach – I mean, he looks good enough, and he’s given some serious puppy-puppy-in-love vibes this season.. But how will he be substantially different from a Clayton, or a Colton, or any other Jesse Palmer lookalikes we’ve seen? Zach might seem like a bad guy, but like so many before him—*coughs* Peter Weber *coughs*—it’s hard to figure out why the producers saw fit to anoint him over every other possible candidate.

Was it the dimples? Ethan just didn’t want the job because he was too busy advertising and/or executing? Is Ethan negotiating a deal with Netflix for his own dating show as we speak? (And if so, can I speak to a casting director?) Bachelor viewer, I’m not going to try to pretend that this decision is going to break my camel’s back. But pretending to be investing in such a boring protagonist? That’s a line that I, and much of Bachelor Nation, it seems, will never cross.

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