Laver Cup 2022 LIVE: Roger Federer’s latest match follows Andy Murray vs Alex De Minaur after protest

Laver Cup 2022 LIVE: Roger Federer’s latest match follows Andy Murray vs Alex De Minaur after protest

Emotional Roger Federer wishes he could ‘go on forever’ as he prepares to retire from tennis

A historic tennis night awaits in London as Roger Federer bids farewell to the sport and plays the last match of his career alongside Rafael Nadal in the Laver Cup. Federer, who will become perhaps the greatest champion in tennis history, will retire from the sport at age 41 and the moment brought the sport and its rivals together at the O2 Arena.

Federer’s wish to play his final match with his great rival Nadal was granted, creating a special occasion with Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray also competing for Team Europe. They will face Team World, which is led by John McEnroe and has lost all four previous editions of the event in a matchplay style.

Before tonight’s doubles, there will be three singles matches. Casper Ruud won the opening match of the day against Jack Sock 6-4 5-7 (10-7), and was followed by Stefanos Tsitsipas who defeated Diego Schwartzman 6-2 6-1 to double the lead in Europe.

However, the match was overshadowed by a bizarre climate change protest, in which a man set his arm on fire while on court, wearing a T-shirt that read: “Stop UK private jets”.

Murray then takes on Alex De Minaur before the eyes of the world focus on Federer for the last time and the Swiss ends his legendary career. Follow the Laver Cup opening day live updates below:


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Laver Cup 2022: The calm before Roger Federer’s final match

There is something very appealing about the Laver Cup, with the blues against the reds, different teams and opponents, the passion that a collective effort brings.

Tonight is a special occasion, of course, so maybe that doesn’t matter: but what the Laver Cup really needs to become part of the tennis schedule is some competition.

Europe won 14-1 last year. They won four tournaments in a row. They have a 2-0 lead in the opening afternoon.

Now, the world needs to respond. Alex De Minaur has the game to beat many of the best players on the tour and should be the favorite against Murray, while Jack Sock and Frances Tiafoe will enjoy their chances against Federer and Nadal I think.

Could we see a turning point in this historic night?


Laver Cup 2022: Federer and Nadal opponents eyeing ‘beyond the iconic’ clash

Jack Sock and Frances Tiafoe are enjoying their role as pantomime villains in Friday night’s “beyond iconic” doubles showdown with Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal.

Sock, now more of a duo specialist, and Tiafoe pose a serious challenge for Team Europe’s exalted duo.

“Obviously, tomorrow night will be a doubles match that is beyond iconic. I’m so happy to be a part of this with my guy Foe by my side,” Sock said.

Tiafoe added: “I’m excited to play with two up-and-coming players tomorrow! Must be good. No, it’s going to be iconic to be a part of it. Both guys are absolute legends, and it’s obviously Roger’s last dance.

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“We are definitely out there trying to get a win.”

(Getty Images for the Laver Cup)


Laver Cup 2022: Nadal delighted to play a part in Federer’s ‘historic’ farewell

Rafael Nadal is used to the pressure, but even he will be nervous when he lines up alongside Roger Federer for the Swiss great’s final match.

“After all the amazing things we’ve shared on and off the court, being a part of this historic moment is going to be an incredible, unforgettable thing for me,” said Nadal.

“It will be difficult to handle everything, especially for Roger, without a doubt. For me too. You know, in the end, one of the most important players, if not the most important player, in my tennis career is leaving.

“I will try to do my best in every way, to help make this moment even more special than it is going to be.”

(Getty Images for the Laver Cup)


‘It’s going to be special’: Roger Federer’s final match brings together rivals ahead of Laver Cup

It was one of many emotional moments leading up to the Laver Cup, as a scene of grandeur was marked by reflection and gratitude. Roger Federer looked to the left and saw Rafael Nadal, then turned to the right, towards Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray.

He took in the memories of nearly two decades of battles and the historical rivalries they shared, and took a breath, as if he wanted to let it all go. “It feels right that I go first,” Federer concluded.

For Federer, the clock is ticking to when he will take the court for the last time, but it’s a match he and great rival Nadal will play together.


Laver Cup 2022: Federer retires as tennis’ greatest champion before final goodbye

For the last time, Roger Federer will feel a knot in his stomach as he faces the long wait before a big match. It’s not a feeling he’ll miss, but at least it’s one he won’t have to do alone.

Federer’s retirement from tennis is a historic moment for a sport he helped define, but it won’t be the lonely experience he feared. Instead, at London’s O2 Arena, the city that was the “most special place” of his career, the Laver Cup will host the scene of a sport coming together to bid farewell to perhaps its greatest champion.

It’s fitting, and a career that’s been defined by balance and grace will have a final chapter that strikes the right balance between competition and celebration.


Laver Cup 2022: Andy Murray eager to debut

“I think it’s going to be an amazing atmosphere,” Murray said ahead of his first Laver Cup appearance.

“Obviously, playing in the night session before Roger and Rafa, I think it’s going to be very special. I’m looking forward to that, playing with Alex De Minaur – obviously it’s not an easy game. He’s had a really good year, you know, tough showdown for me.

“But my first time playing in the Laver Cup. I watched it on TV, I wanted to be a part of it. So having the opportunity to do that here in London will be great.”

(Getty Images for the Laver Cup)


Laver Cup 2022: Tsitsipas reacts to climate change protest

Tsitsipas: “It just happened out of the blue, I’ve never had an incident like this on the court. I hope he’s all right.

“I wanted to continue the game without making any changes to the court and I wanted to make sure it was playable.

“It changed the way I saw the court later on, so I wanted it to be clarified.”

It looks like some kind of lighter fluid has left a mark.


Laver Cup 2022: Tonight’s schedule and results so far

Match 1 – Casper Ruud def. Jack Sock – 6-4 5-7 (10-7)

Game 2 – Stefanos Tsistipas def. Diego Schwartzman – 6-2 6-1

Game 3 – Andy Murray vs Alex De Minaur

Match 4 – Roger Federer / Rafael Nadal vs Jack Sock / Frances Tiafoe


Laver Cup 2022: Europe takes the lead after dramatic protest

Well, that’s the opening session of the Laver Cup on the books and, as predicted, tournament favorites Europe took an early lead.

Casper Ruud required some courage to overcome Jack Sock’s challenge before Stefanos Tsitsipas was brilliant at crushing Diego Schwartzman.

Team World has their best hopes in the singles tomorrow, where points are worth double, while Alex De Minaur is hoping to take them off the mark against Andy Murray later.

However, the day so far has been largely overshadowed by this dramatic protest and stunning images of the man setting himself on fire. Quite striking scenes.


Laver Cup 2022: Climate change protester sets arm on fire during match

Our attention at the O2 Arena was taken by a bizarre protest after a man set his arm on fire while on the court.

The incident was not shown by broadcasters, but footage from the court showed the man was screaming in agony.

He was then taken off the court by security and taken out of the arena.

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