Latest Trump News: NY AG Letitia James teases ‘big announcement’ as special master demands proof of ‘declassified’ documents

Latest Trump News: NY AG Letitia James teases ‘big announcement’ as special master demands proof of ‘declassified’ documents

Former President Donald Trump speaking in Ohio

Donald Trump could face more legal trouble on Wednesday as New York Attorney General Letitia James said she is due to make a “big announcement” following her lengthy investigation into the former president’s business fraud.

While it remains to be seen whether Trump is the subject of the announcement, many anticipate that James will sue Trump and his organization over a lengthy fraud investigation that ended in a failed deal.

On Tuesday, the independent arbitrator and special master charged with inspecting all 11,000 documents seized by the FBI from Mar-a-Lago last month questioned Trump’s claims that he had declassified the files.

Judge Raymond Dearie expressed doubts about Trump’s reluctance to prove the disqualification and commented, “My take on that is, you can’t have your cake and eat it.”

Trump’s lawyers appeared to previously acknowledge that the Justice Department’s investigation of classified documents at Mar-a-Lago could result in criminal charges against the former president.


Trump’s First Hearing by Special Master Descends into Chaos

The first hearing overseen by a senior federal judge tasked with reviewing government property documents recovered from Donald Trump’s home was marred by technical difficulties as those who dialed remotely were unable to silence their phones.

Brooklyn federal court staff scrambled to contain the chaos at the inaugural hearing held by special master Raymond Dearie, as the lines were flooded with music and background noise.

“God Bless America,” one person could be heard singing, Bloomberg reported.

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“Mute! Mute! Mute!” one person shouted. Vulgar language was also heard.


Trump Names ‘Positive Reinforcer,’ Report Says

Donald Trump reportedly tasked an aide with giving him “positive reinforcement” amid an unprecedented onslaught of criminal and civil investigations into his conduct as a president and a private citizen.

The revelation was made by The New York Times Maggie Haberman, one of the wealthiest reporters on Trumpworld.


Iranian president criticizes Trump at UNGA

President Ebrahim Raisi of Iran criticized former President Donald Trump in a speech to the United Nations General Assembly on Wednesday.

Raisi attacked Trump for authorizing the assassination of Iranian general Qassem Soleimani, whom he described as a “man seeking freedom who became a martyr”.

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi addresses the 77th session of the United Nations General Assembly while holding a photo of Iranian General Qasem Soleimani killed by a US drone strike in Baghdad in January 2020

(AFP via Getty Images)

Without mentioning Trump by name, Raisi said the “former president of the United States of America effectively managed to sign the document of this savage crime, illegal crime and immoral crime.”

“The proper pursuit of justice in the face of a crime that the American president admitted to having committed will not be abandoned. We will seek, through a fair court, to bring to justice those who martyred our beloved general Qassem Soleimani.

Raisi also criticized the Trump administration for abandoning the comprehensive agreement brokered by the US and European powers to limit Iran’s nuclear program.

“The United States has trampled on the nuclear deal,” said Raisi, who was sworn in as president just a year ago. His speech marks the first time he has taken the podium at the UN in his role as president.


January 6 Select Committee sets date for final public hearing

The House select committee investigating the January 6 U.S. Capitol riot will hold its next hearing at 1 p.m. next Wednesday (September 28), President Bennie Thompson said. The New York Times newspaper on Tuesday.

Thompson said this will likely be his final audience barring further developments. The hearing takes place after the August recess ended and no hearing has been held since the House reconvened.


One hour late for ‘important announcement’

New York Attorney General Letitia James’ “big announcement” was delayed by an hour and will now take place at 11:30 am ET, her office said.

The press conference was scheduled for 10:30 am on Wednesday.

There was widespread speculation about the subject of the briefing and whether or not it was connected to his investigation into Donald Trump’s finances.


‘You Can’t Have Your Cake and Eat It’: Special Master Skeptical of Trump’s Legal Strategy

The senior federal judge tasked with reviewing the more than 11,000 government-owned documents recovered from the home of former President Donald Trump appeared skeptical of the former president’s lawyers’ claim that they do not need to tell him if Trump has disqualified any of the 100 records that still bore classification marks when they were found by investigators.

After Trump’s attorney James Trusty told District Judge Raymond Dearie that he and his colleagues were “in no position” to tell him whether Trump ordered any of the records in question declassified before his term as president expired. , Judge Dearie replied, “You’ve filed a lawsuit.”

André Feinberg reports on Tuesday’s work:


Hard-line tactics on migrants refocus midterm debate

They delivered migrants on planes and buses to Washington, DC, New York – even Martha’s Vineyard. And the Republican governors of Florida and Texas may be just getting started.

Governors Ron DeSantis of Florida and Greg Abbott of Texas insist that such dramatic measures are needed to highlight a genuine crisis at the US-Mexico border, where thousands of immigrants enter the country illegally every day. But within weeks of their own competitive re-elections, friends and foes alike have acknowledged that these hardline tactics effectively redirected November’s midterm elections — at least temporarily — away from abortion rights and toward a more Republican-friendly issue.


Lindsey Graham criticized for complete turnaround in states’ abortion rights

Senator Lindsey Graham’s latest comments on his proposed national law banning abortion after 15 weeks will do little to dispel his critics’ accusations of hypocrisy.

The South Carolina senator took to Fox News to discuss his proposal, which bans abortion in the second trimester only, except in cases of rape, incest and when necessary to protect the mother’s life. But Graham has been criticized not only by Democrats but also by his fellow Republicans over why he suddenly believes abortion rights should be legislated at the federal level when he clearly opposed that idea just a few weeks ago.

John Bowden has the last change of position from the South Carolina senator:


FBI Search in Mar-a-Lago Puts Unusual Spotlight on Archives Nominee

As a novelist, Colleen Shogan imagined the most vivid of Washington dramas.

Theft at the Library of Congress. A murder in the Chamber of Deputies. A stabbing in the US Senate.

But Shogan is about to become the protagonist of a plot too fantastical for fiction – the criminal investigation of a former president – as he prepares to appear before a Senate panel that is considering his nomination to head the National Archives.


Trump asked aide to follow him around the golf course, give him ‘positive reinforcement’ – report

Donald Trump reportedly asked an aide to follow him and give him “positive reinforcement” at a time when he faces an unprecedented onslaught of criminal and civil investigations into his conduct as a president and a private citizen, according to the statement. The New York Times newspaperit’s Maggie Haberman.

“How has Trump been out of office for the past 20 [months]a rotating cast of advisors have been tasked with following him around the golf course at the club he is at and giving him positive reinforcement from Twitter and wherever they find him on the web, for [people] told about the practice”, Schedules correspondent tweeted.

She has remained on Trump’s beat since the former president left office and set up a Florida courthouse at his Mar-a-Lago resort.

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