Kris Jenner’s MasterClass Review – The Kardashian Matriarch Talks Business

Kris Jenner’s MasterClass Review – The Kardashian Matriarch Talks Business

I want to go far in my career. I want the best for me. I want success, and I will do anything to get it – besides getting a working girl permanent, although I would consider adding a shoulder pad or two. That’s why I come to you today from a table and a chair, as opposed to where I usually address the general public: my office.

This is just one of the many valuable pieces of information I noticed while taking Kardashian matriarch Kris Jenner’s masterclass for the MasterClass: I have to be ready to spin. If I’m looking for career prosperity, I have to get up, get my affairs in order, and get to work outside the comfort of my Urban Outfitters duvet. After all, by the time my alarm goes off in the morning, Kris has been up for hours, trading millions with the big shots.

I had no idea what to expect as I started my first MasterClass earlier this week. I had heard, of course, that this was the main avenue to learn from all the greats. A quick scan of your talent library in my area of ​​expertise, Arts and Entertainment, suggests this. Natalie Portman, Shonda Rhimes, Jodie Foster and Martin Scorsese are just a few of the esteemed instructors. There’s even a three-hour Alicia Keys course in case I want to learn how to always be out of tune!

With a MasterClass course from someone as reputable and business-oriented as Kris Jenner, I was ready to sit down with a pad and paper for what was sure to be five to seven hours of intense learning. It turns out that Kris has the second shortest course in the business section. Hers is an hour and forty-six minutes long—just three minutes longer than Howard Shultz’s, who must have had to record his class quickly to get back to his busy schedule of Starbucks union busts.

However, just over 90 minutes of class was ideal for my afternoon. And frankly, a good entrepreneur must be able to communicate the fundamentals of brand building in that time frame. While I would like it on the record that I am so fervently committed to the standards of journalistic practice, I was ready to put up with seven hours of learning for less than 2,000 words in a Google Doc. But I disagree!

Kris’ class is divided into 11 separate, easily digestible segments. Each has a targeted bullet point in the broader scope of their overall MasterClass, which is about building a successful personal brand and translating that into a business. “Let’s talk about how to create the right personal brand narrative and how to reach the right audience,” she says, in a markedly different tone towards the end of her intro; she is clearly now reading from a cue card. “And how to deal with fame while staying firm, graceful and true to yourself!”

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With that line, I was sure that fame was my destiny. But much to my chagrin, there were no paparazzi outside my building this morning when I went out to do a Trader Joe run. But, as Kris would later point out to me, it wouldn’t happen overnight – even if it apparently happened to her family.

From the first segment, I realized that I was starting at a disadvantage. Kris tells us, her pupils, that it’s important to make your personal brand authentic. And to do that, you must sell yourself as someone who does what you truly love. “I was doing what I love to do, which is filming a television show,” says Kris of her starting point for creating her brand. And that’s okay, but some of us are still in the midst of contract negotiations with these pesky, petty networks! What should we do while we wait for the cameras to go up?

Fortunately, for every utterly alien and unrelatable statement, Kris does offer some sincerely good advice. As I mentioned before, her emphasis on having the readiness to change – both in life and in business – is a kernel of truth that can be adapted and applied to life at its most dire. Would I have turned to pre-roasted frozen corn when Trader Joe’s was out of regular frozen corn this morning if I hadn’t had Kris’s advice in my back pocket? Hard to say. Sometimes a bag of corn is enough to ruin your entire day if you’re not prepared to deal with it.

A fair amount of lessons from Kris involved tales of her life story. My eyes sparkled every time she started to tell a story from her past; I was already widely aware of Kris’ story of burning millions of brain cells in all 285 episodes of Keeping up with the Kardashians and its various spin-offs over the years. However, this inadvertently fulfilled another one of Kris’ instructions, which is to experiment with different paths and find out what you’re really good at. I’m great distracting myself and laughing to myself, imagining Kommander Kris sitting in her chair with her starched pilgrim collar, addressing the nation as if she were FDR and this was her Fireside talk.

But when I got back, I got exactly what I came here for: Kris’s morning schedule. My biggest addiction in this world is watching celebrity videos “What’s In My Bag” or “What I Eat In a Day” by celebrities, so I pulled up a chair, ready to step inside. “I have Coffee. I get on the treadmill. I return emails, text messages, and can make some international calls,” says Kris. “So I feel like I have a head start on the day.”

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Immediately, I realized that I have to change my entire sleep schedule. I am now setting up my coffee maker. I’m calling random numbers every morning just to feel important. I’m dialing the Marshall’s/TJ Maxx/Bed, Bath & Beyond combo in Chelsea to find out what time they open, only to hear another entrepreneur on the other end of the line.

So Kris gave me a more satisfying affirmation than I’ve ever received from any therapist. “I get anywhere about half an hour early. Just so I can sit down, ground myself… review all the notes. Everything I do gets me flowing into the next time of day.”

As a chronically precocious and overly anxious homosexual, it was like Kris took my hand in hers, looked me in the eye, and said her famous line, “You’re doing great, honey.” (Also a title of one of her classes, by the way). The next time I’m sitting at an airport gate right before my flight appears on the screen next to the boarding bridge door, I’ll remember that. I’ll tell my boyfriend – who’s judging me for making us arrive at 5am, before Hudson News even opens – this is how Kris Jenner does it. and you don’t want to be Successful?

At least we know that Kris’ tips resulted in 15 years of staying power. And in years of industry? That’s a lifetime.

Now, I’ll be honest with you. Much of Kris’ class is her spouting mumbo jumbo and saying the word “mark” over and over. Her classes echoed the classes I’d taken as an undergraduate in an advertising program, long before I became the beautiful, young, witty, glowing-skinned writer that I am today.

But for that, she It is a brand specialist. Turn to every other influencer on social media with 500,000 followers and they will spit out the exact same buzzwords! And with much less panache too. At least we know that Kris’ tips resulted in 15 years of staying power. And in years of industry? That’s a lifetime.

Each of Kris’s classes comes with a detailed assignment at the end. I’m not big on doing adult homework so I was already skeptical. Turns out they’re actually more suggestions than assignments. The first was to make a vision board that would reflect my personality. Kris is a very visual learner who cannot successfully create vision boards online despite many attempts, a revelation that I fear could send Pinterest’s stock plummeting.

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I decided to skip this task (and the rest of them too), because if you count Housewives Saved Twitter memes, Bella Hadid videos saying nonsense wisdomand screenshots of half-naked famous men, I already have several frames of vision within the 33,428 photos saved in my camera roll.

Also, Kris Jenner’s MasterClass class is most compelling when viewed as a character study. Reading between the lines is an essential part of this experience. And the ironic but so brilliant part of the whole thing is that you can see her implementing her own brand at every turn.

For example, when discussing the importance of brand logos, Kris says, “I remember when Kim was choosing the brand logo for SKIMS and how much effort, time and energy she put into it. Because she had something in her head that she wanted it to be, and she didn’t stop until she got there.” Here, Kris is completely ignoring the fact that Kim had to rename the entire brand after the product had already been produced. It was formerly called “Kimono” until a legitimate outcry of cultural appropriation inspired a name change. But Kris, always the brilliant businesswoman and brand manager, overcomes that failure. Because the Kardashian brand isn’t a failure.

I don’t dare say much more than I’ve already divulged—I don’t want to leak the entire class. That would be useless and also perhaps illegal. I say “maybe” because I’m not sure, but I’d like to avoid the legal ramifications of any entity that might pay Kris Jenner and Anna Wintour’s per diem.

Even though Kris Jenner’s MasterClass class might not be filled with the most proprietary advice, it’s a streamlined starter pack for anyone looking to get a head start on personal branding. It’s indisputable at this point that Kris Jenner is a master of marketing, and this class is perfect for anyone looking to avoid an expensive education just for a few thousand followers.

Still, it’s Kris’ nonsensical jokes that I’m really going to take with me at the end of the day, particularly one that I can’t quite understand, although I understand at face value: “Behave like you might not pay for bread, when in You actually own the bakery.” After distributing this wisdom, Kris simply says, “You’re welcome.” She is Jean Valjean, and this is your MasterClass.

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