King Charles used ‘coping rituals’ to hold back tears during Queen’s vigil, body language expert says

King Charles used ‘coping rituals’ to hold back tears during Queen’s vigil, body language expert says

King Charles relied on “coping rituals” to contain his emotions during his wake for the queen, body language expert Judi James said.

The monarch was joined by her brothers Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex, Prince Andrew, Duke of York, and Princess Anne, Princess Royal, as they held a vigil around their mother’s coffin at Inside Westminster Hall.

His pain was clear on his face as he took his place at the wake.


He was joined by his siblings Princess Anne, Prince Edward and Prince Andrew for the 15-minute vigil.


The brothers stood on either side of the coffin with their heads down.


Members of the public, many of whom lined up for hours to pay their respects, paraded as King Charles stood in front of the coffin.


All the brothers wore military uniform as they made their way to the catafalque and stood on each of the four sides for 15 minutes as the crowd continued on its way to pay tribute to the late monarch.

“Charles led his brothers with his head down and during the vigil it was possible to see him performing various ‘confrontation’ rituals, such as sucking his lips to increase his level of determination, as well as closing his eyes and repositioning his jaw.

“As he stood facing the coffin, both hands played and worked, even touching the sides of his coat in a small but revealing ritual of comfort or anxiety.

“In the moments leading up to adopting her waking pose, her empty-eyed expression and frequent blinking were further evidence of her tiredness and perhaps the proximity of tears. »

Andrew appears in military uniform as he holds vigil next to the queen's coffin

Camilla says the Royals are

Judi noted that Charles looked “exhausted” and had a “heavier gait” compared to his brothers’ more military walks.

“Anne looked around the room with wide, haunted eyes as she walked down the stairs, but then stopped with the others before taking her post,” Judi continued.

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“We could see her and her brother Edward tapping their heels on the floor as if at attention and again this military gesture of strength and precision could have helped them control their expressions of sadness. »

It was Edward who put on the ‘hardest poker face’ of the queen’s four sons, but there was a telltale sign that he was finding the vigil more than a little difficult too.

“He looked so much younger here in his uniform and so calmly and calmly determined to do everything right,” Judi said.

“He gave little through his body language other than a small sign of tension and the emotional toll of wakefulness when a muscle was working in his jaw.

Camilla says the Royals are

Harry offered Charles an olive branch with a touching request for a uniform for the vigil

As for Andrew, Judi noted that being allowed to wear his full military uniform tonight allowed him to “use a slightly more emotional facial expression.”

“With the signs of sadness, such as a vacant, reflective gaze and a downturned mouth, more evident than they were when he adopted his greatly enlarged chest and raised chin of dedicated bravery and resilience in civilian clothes,” he added. .

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