Kanye West hasn’t read any books

Kanye West hasn’t read any books

The grass is green, the water is wet, and Kanye West doesn’t read. The rapper, business mogul, and private school founder(?) recently revealed that “[hasn’t] read any book”, comparing it to “eating Brussels sprouts”.

The theme came up in the last episode of Alo Yoga’s Hello Mind Full podcast, when co-founder Danny Harris mentioned a certain book on trust that he found inspiring: “Ye was telling me he hasn’t read this book, but I was telling him that every positive attribute he naturally embodies. And it’s extraordinary to have that confidence.”

Kanye chimed in: “When you said I hadn’t read this book, I actually didn’t. any book. Reading is like eating Brussels sprouts for me. And talking is like picking up Giorgio Baldi corn ravioli.” (To our fellow commoners: this is a famous Italian restaurant in the Palisades.)

Brussels sprouts slurs aside, Ye touched briefly on his business partnerships with the Gap and Adidas – the first of which he broke off yesterday: “I honestly believe that the Gap and Adidas are part of a larger plan to marginalize American companies and American industry,” he said. “Which is the opposite of what Danny is doing… In this prison of finger-pointing and cursing, a little crack of light, a little Shawshank Rescue passed that cell in that factory today.”

Ye’s latest venture outside of music, however, was his Christian prep school Donda Academy, which reportedly welcomed its first classes of students a few weeks ago. However, the school has drawn attention for a number of reasons, including reports that its principal has no prior education experience and that families have been forced to sign NDAs.

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No Hello podcast, Ye discussed using technology in the classroom: “I may have a tendency to just be paranoid about robots, but it’s a way we have to exist,” he said. “I spent many more hours in Star Wars what I went through in college.” It seems reasonable and nothing to worry about.

You can watch the entire episode below. The conversation about Kanye’s aversion to books starts around 2:30.

In other questionable quotes from Ye lately, he said that the death of Queen Elizabeth II inspired him to “let all grudges go,” a particularly bold statement considering his public feuds with Pete Davidson, Kid Cudi, John Legend and more.

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