Jabardasth Apparao didn’t go because he had a chance in Bigg Boss..!!

Jabardasth Apparao didn’t go because he had a chance in Bigg Boss..!!
Bigg Boss is one of the reality television shows. How many viewers are watching this show? All seasons of Bigg Boss continued with success. Jabardast comedians continue to receive offers each season. But some comedians accepted the offer while others didn’t show much interest. Apparao is also one of those who got good popularity in the comedy Jabardast. Apparao, who recently gave an interview on a YouTube channel, told a lot of interesting things. Let’s find out about them.

Apparao said that Jabardasth’s rank dropped a lot when Nagababu left. But Roja said everyone was very supportive. Apparao said there was a lot of publicity as if I went to the Bigg Boss concert. He informed us that we are happier now than when we were in Jabardast. Apparao said that people who greet him wherever he goes most often ask for his wife.

But Apparao reported that he had three chances at the Bigg Boss show. But Apparao said I couldn’t go because of the deal with Mallema. Apparao said that if the artist from Jabardast was sent to Bigg Boss without taking any money, then Mallema would be of no value. Apparao said the Jabardasth organizers decided to let him go to Bigg Boss if he couldn’t give the money. But Apparao said in his mind that if the Jabardast organizers had respectfully sent the comedians to Bigg Boss, everyone would have been different.

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