Is the release date for Liger OTT the same…?

Is the release date for Liger OTT the same…?
The Telugu movie will not hit the OTTs for ten weeks after the movie’s release. A few days ago, all Telugu movie producers got together and made this decision.

How many people practice, can they actually practice, and are there disadvantages to doing so? There are many types of questions. So some of the producers also said no, let’s keep our word.

Do you remember a movie about a month ago called ‘Wat Laga Denge’ and ‘Shake the Country’? Why don’t we remember the movie ‘Liger’? Yes, the same movie is coming to OTTs less than a month after its release. It was decided to release the film on September 22 on Disney Plus Hotstar. It is said that the full information about this will come today. One thing is that the decision taken by the producers in the sector was not implemented.


Another thing is that there will be similar OTT releases later too. It remains to be seen whether ‘Liger’, which was a flop in terms of making money in theaters, will live up to the saying ‘Wat laga denge’ even in OTT. Let’s see if Vijay Devarakunda’s attitude and Charmy’s confidence will succeed even in OTT. Vijay, Charmi and Puri Jagannath, who have been in communication for many days, recently spoke about the outcome of the film.


But it remains to be seen whether the OTT release of ‘Liger’ will be promoted or not. If so, it’s wonderful. But if the film had been successful in the cinema… Vijay would have promoted ‘Liger’ with more attitude. But Puri Jagannath didn’t give it that chance. He dealt a blow with his poor writing and directing skills. Vijay worked very hard for his role.

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