Is TDP grafted onto Junior?

Is TDP grafted onto Junior?

If the Telugu Desam Party wanted something, it became something. Unable to contain their anger, they are attacking Junior NTR on social media. Grandfather NTR K Jr. is making a lot of noise because of back pain. The issue is that the government changed the name of NTR to Dr. YSR for the University of Health. Chandrababu Naidu and Co strongly oppose the university’s renaming to NTR. Yellow Media is also angry with Jaganmohan Reddy regarding this matter.

Well, it would have been a method if we thought this was a political uproar between YCP and TDP. But the younger brothers unexpectedly dragged Junior NTR into the fray. They repeatedly demanded that Junior respond to the government’s attitude. Junior responded by tweeting that a snake doesn’t die without a stick. In this too, NTR and YSR are two big brothers in public. The younger brothers are getting very angry.

So far, the younger brothers’ anger is that they expected the young Ammanabootuli to reprimand the government. Jagan is expected to tease all of his fans. They are talking about the lack of tweets as expected. In fact, because of the encounter with Amit Shah, the entire Yellowbatch, Junior, is on fire. They couldn’t speak. Now they are angry that the opportunity has not come and they are taking revenge on Junior.

It should be noted here that Chandrababu Rajiv changed Arogyashri’s name to NTR Arogyashri when he was in power. SV University Stadium in Tirupati was renamed Tarakarama Sports Pavilion. In Tanuku, the name of the Jyotirapule Bhavan Community was changed to NTR Bhavan. Chandrababu changed the names of many of them. Didn’t Chandrababu and Co know that they shouldn’t change the existing names? When NTR’s name is changed, are so many goals being scored?

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Amaravati: Is TDP grafting onto Junior?

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