‘I wish this day had never come’

‘I wish this day had never come’
  • Tennis legend Roger Federer announced his retirement from competitive tennis on September 15.
  • Hours after the announcement, Rafael Nadal, his longtime adversary, took to Twitter to pay tribute.
  • “It’s a sad day for me personally and for sports around the world,” Nadal wrote.

Hours after tennis legend Roger Federer announced his retirement from the sport, Rafael Nadal took to Twitter to honor his longtime rival.

“Dear Roger, my friend and rival. I wish this day had never come. It is a sad day for me personally and for the sport around the world. It has been a pleasure but also an honor and privilege to share all these years with you. , living so many amazing moments on and off the court,” Nadal wrote.

“We will have many more moments to share together in the future, there are still many things to do together, we know that. For now, I wish you all the happiness with your wife Mirka, your children, your family and enjoy what lies ahead for you.” “, continued Nadal.

Federer, 20-time Grand Slam champion, announced his retirement on Thursday in a Twitter video.

“My body’s message to me lately has been clear,” Federer said.

“I’ve played over 1,500 games in 24 years. Now I must recognize when it’s time to end my competitive career,” he added. His retirement comes after three years of surgery and injuries.

Nadal, 36, and Federer, 41, have enjoyed an enduring rivalry and nearly two decades as two of the best tennis players in the sport. Federer is the third most decorated tennis player of all time, behind Nadal (22 Grand Slams) and Novak Djokovic (21 Grand Slams). Nadal and Federer’s off-court friendship has been heavily photographed and documented over the years.

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In a 2018 Vogue interview, Federer affectionately referred to Nadal as his “main rival”, saying, “Playing against Rafa for so many years has been amazing – he encouraged me to innovate, work harder and develop my game. player I am today without him as my main rival.”

Federer’s announcement comes on the heels of the final competitive days of another tennis legend in the sport: On August 9, 23-time Grand Slam champion Serena Williams announced that she would retire from the sport. She played her final match at the US Open on September 3.

Federer is due to play his final match at the Laver Cup in London from 23-25 ​​September.

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