House of Darkness (2022) – Review | vampires

House of Darkness (2022) – Review |  vampires

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Neil LaBute is the writer and director of house of darkness. And while it sounds like the perfect kind of movie to shoot during a pandemic (due to the small cast and unique location), it’s also pretty perfect as a vampire story. One that slows down and shows how one can be lured into a very vulnerable position.

Previously, Neil LaBute wrote (and sometimes directed) TV series such as Van Helsing and the Earth-I. In terms of feature films, he directed and wrote the remake of the wicker man. The one starring Nicolas Cage from 2006. He has another movie coming out in late 2022 starring Maggie Q. An action thriller titled fear the night.

While house of darkness it’s a slow movie, the comedy, horror and mystery keep you on your toes. Plus, the dialogue and chemistry between the protagonists works wonders in terms of keeping the viewer engaged.

house of darkness will be released in theaters on September 9 and On Demand on September 13, 2022.

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