Helmet that saved lives twice in two seconds?

Helmet that saved lives twice in two seconds?
It is known that the number of road accidents increases every day across the country. No matter how many awareness programs have been carried out by the authorities to follow traffic rules, many people are acting negligently. Especially, many two-wheel cyclists lose their lives for not wearing a helmet. Drivers are putting their lives at risk by doing this.

To make everyone aware of traffic rules It is known that traffic police are always looking for innovative ways to inform drivers about the importance of helmets. In this order, some interesting videos are also posted on social media platforms. When watching videos like this, many drivers think that if they actually wear a helmet, it will save lives.

It must be said that a video like this will win the tribe. Delhi A young man wearing a helmet saved his life twice in just two seconds. The video was posted by the officers on their official Twitter account. If you wear a helmet not once, but twice or three times, whenever it will protect you, police said. They also gave a caption saying that God protects those who wear helmets. In the video, a young man tries to overtake a car and ends up falling. When he tries to get up later, a pole falls on his head. Once he fell off the bike and once he fell into a pillar, the helmet saved his life.

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