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Getting to Schools |  WORLD

GOOD NEWS: WORLD Watch, our student video news program, is now in its third season. We’ve said from the start that we expect that by Year 3 our subscribers will bear most of the financial burden of the program, and we think that will be the case.

WORLD Watch gives viewers a smart daily digest of news. It is aimed at students who are still learning about the world – without talking to them. Each show also has a longer feature or two that delve into great stories, or just interesting ones – like a recent piece that creatively explained the science behind why our ears pop, another that went back in time to show a 19th century story. .a blast furnace preserved in all its pig iron splendor and a colorful visit to an ice cream shop that serves the disabled by putting them to work.

We keep the Christian worldview front and center, and we keep each program about 10 minutes. All of this is probably why we hear so many positive comments from the adults in the room.

we launched WORLD Watch by faith in August 2020, amid the COVID shutdowns. I emphasize by faith because – while we had commitments from many readers across the WORLD to support the launch – we had no idea how the show would be received, let alone whether viewers would pay for a subscription.

As it turned out, COVID had little effect on our family subscriptions. If anything, we had more families signing that first year than expected. But Christian schools were a different story. their acceptance WORLD Watch that first year never got off the ground.

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To help reach these schools, many of you contributed in the past year to our downfall. WORLD Watch campaign to bring the program to more classrooms. Now we want to think even bigger.

WORLD Watch is now in hundreds of classrooms, but we believe it should be in thousands. You can contribute to this campaign at

In the meantime, a question: do you have you visa WORLD Watch still? Even if you’re not a student, or don’t have students in your family, I encourage you to try a free trial week of the program at

After all, young or old, we are all still learning about the world.

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