Former Nevada attorney Tudor Chirila Jr. arrested for the murder of Nancy Anderson in 1972

Former Nevada attorney Tudor Chirila Jr.  arrested for the murder of Nancy Anderson in 1972

A former Nevada deputy attorney general who was linked to the infamous Mustang Ranch brothel has been arrested for the brutal murder of a teenage girl 50 years ago in Hawaii.

Tudor Chirila Jr., 77, was arrested in Reno and charged with second-degree murder after DNA evidence linked him to the fatal stabbing of 19-year-old Nancy Anderson in 1972.

Anderson – who moved to the island state after graduating from high school in Michigan a year earlier – was stabbed more than 60 times inside her Waikiki apartment on January 7, 1972, police said.

The local police never gave up on finding his killer – even half a century later.

Investigators have reopened the cold case multiple times and investigated multiple suspects over the years. They questioned door-to-door knife salesmen who knocked on Anderson’s door just hours before she killed her, as well as her ex-boyfriends and her building property manager.

Fifty years after her death, Nancy Anderson's killer was caught.
Nancy Anderson was stabbed more than 60 times in her apartment in January 1972.
Honolulu Police Department

Sellers offered their fingerprints that weren’t matches and passed the polygraph tests. The other suspects proved to be dead ends as well.

Investigators finally got a solid lead this year after receiving a tip in December that Chirila could be a suspect, according to the criminal complaint.

Police were able to confirm him as the prime suspect after obtaining a DNA sample from his son, John Chirila, of Newport Beach, Calif., in March. The sample identified young Chirila as the biological daughter of the person whose DNA was found at the crime scene, the criminal complaint said.

Last week, Reno police executed a search warrant and collected a DNA sample directly from Tudor Chirila in his Reno apartment.

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Two days later, on September 8, Chirila attempted suicide and on Wednesday he was arrested and taken to the Reno County Jail, where he is being held without bail on a charge of being a fugitive from another state.

Chirila, a longtime attorney in Reno, Carson City, and the Lake Tahoe area, served as deputy attorney general after Anderson’s murder in the late 1970s. He ran for Nevada Supreme Court in 1994, but lost.

The murder charge is not the lawyer’s first run-in with the law outside of his profession.

Nancy Anderson's killer arrested 50 years after her murder.
DNA evidence at the scene and a lead in December linked Tudor Chirila Jr. to the murder of Nancy Anderson.
Honolulu Police Department

In a 1998 federal indictment, US prosecutors in Reno identified him as the former president of a company, AGE Corp., that served as a front for Nevada brothel boss Joe Conforte.

The indictment accused Conforte and others of being part of an elaborate conspiracy to defraud the government of bankruptcy proceedings when the Mustang Ranch brothel east of Reno was confiscated by the IRS, sold for back taxes in 1990, and illegally repurchased by Conforte and his associates. companions.

The government alleged that Conforte hid his assets during the bankruptcy process to trick the government into buying back the legal brothel under the hidden ownership of AGE Corp.

Chirila testified as a government witness and acknowledged that she was aware that the corporation was owned and controlled by Conforte, who disappeared – likely in South America – when the case went to trial in 1999.

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