Excessive use of digital devices results in precocious puberty in girls by altering hormone levels: study

Excessive use of digital devices results in precocious puberty in girls by altering hormone levels: study

Excessive screen time results in precocious puberty in girls, according to a new study. Excessive use of digital devices such as tablets and cell phones can alter hormone levels and increase the risk of precocious puberty in girls, says a study done by Gazi University in Ankara, Turkey.

“We found that exposure to blue light, sufficient to alter melatonin levels, is also capable of altering reproductive hormone levels and causing an earlier onset of puberty. Furthermore, the greater the exposure, the earlier the onset.” said researcher Aylin Kilinc Ugurlu, second for IANS.

Girls in Karachi check their cell phones for information. Sleep deprivation among children, rewiring and brain stress from constantly reading social media content, inability to live a full life are some troubling results of social media addiction.
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The study showed that a longer duration of blue light exposure was associated with earlier onset of puberty in rats. She also showed reduced levels of melatonin, increased levels of some reproductive hormones, and physical changes in her ovaries.

For the study, presented at the 60th Annual Meeting of the European Society of Pediatric Endocrinology, the team used a mouse model to investigate the effects of blue light exposure on reproductive hormone levels and the timing of puberty onset.

Female mice were divided into three groups of six and exposed to either a normal light cycle, 6 hours or 12 hours of blue light.

The first signs of puberty occurred significantly earlier in both groups exposed to blue light, and the longer the duration of exposure, the earlier the onset of puberty.

Rats exposed to blue light also showed reduced levels of melatonin and elevated levels of specific reproductive hormones (estradiol and luteinizing hormone), as well as physical changes in their ovarian tissue, all consistent with the onset of puberty.

In the 12 hours of exposure, the rats also showed some signs of cell damage and inflammation in their ovaries.

The use of blue light-emitting mobile devices has already been linked to disrupted sleep patterns in children, but these findings suggest that there may be additional risks to child development and future fertility.

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