Everything We Know About the FBI Seizure of Mike Lindell’s Phone at Hardee’s

Everything We Know About the FBI Seizure of Mike Lindell’s Phone at Hardee’s

MyPillow CEO and Trump ally Mike Lindell makes many outrageous claims related to the 2020 election, but this one was serious.

On Tuesday, the millionaire businessman and prominent 2020 election denier said he had his phone seized by the FBI in Minnesota while driving through a fast-food pickup window, which the agency later confirmed.

Here’s everything you need to know about what happened.

The search

On Tuesday afternoon, federal agents surrounded Lindell as he waited at the drive-in of a Hardee’s fast food restaurant in Mankato, Minnesota, he said Tuesday. He was returning from a duck hunting trip in Iowa with a friend.

The FBI later confirmed that they served the CEO of MyPillow a search warrant.

Trump’s ally told the New York Times that agents handed him a warrant, seized his cell phone and interrogated him for about 15 minutes.

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The investigation

Agents questioned Lindell about his ties and possible financial connections to a Colorado woman named Tina Peters, the MyPillow CEO said. It is unclear whether he himself is the subject of investigation.

Peters, a Mesa County employee, was indicted on multiple state criminal misdemeanor counts for her participation in a scheme to download data from voting machines under her oversight after the 2020 presidential race as a way of proving her electoral conspiracy theories. that the result was illegitimate. . She pleaded not guilty.

The FBI “asked if I gave him any money,” Lindell told the paper. Schedules.

Previously, the MyPillow CEO said he invested up to $200,000 in Peters’ legal defense effort, although he has since said he was wrong.

Lindell denied any involvement in the alleged electronic voting machine scheme in Colorado.

“I have no idea what happened then,” he told the Washington Post on Wednesday. “I have nothing to do with it.”

In 2021, Mr. Lindell supposedly sent his plane to pick up Mrs. Peters and bring her to a conference he held in South Dakota on electoral conspiracies.

The MyPillow executive later paid for the Colorado woman’s lodging security and attorneys after she became the target of investigations, Lindell previously told the paper. Publish.

The FBI search also included a grand jury subpoena calling Lindell to testify before a grand jury in Colorado in November, Lindell said, airing on his TV show on Tuesday copies of documents he said were turned over by federal agents.

The Independent called the FBI for comment.

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell appears with Donald Trump at the White House.

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The question also concerns Douglas Frankan Ohio math professor who claimed to have discovered secret algorithms that proved the 2020 election was rigged, Lindell said.

Frank, who has denied any wrongdoing surrounding the election, traveled the country expounding his theories. The professor allegedly met with Ms. Peters in her office and claimed that an update to the ballot box software would erase the data needed to prove the election was stolen.

The reaction

Lindell painted the search as an illegitimate attack aimed at silencing his criticism of the US electoral system.

“Hey Mike, why did they do this to you?” he said, referring to himself, in an interview on Steve Bannon’s TV show on Wednesday. “Is it because I have all the evidence and because I want to get rid of ballot boxes and electronic computers in our elections? There’s a reason they’re doing this. I didn’t do anything wrong.”

His ally Donald Trump also came to his defense.

“Latest news: Mike Lindell, ‘The Pillow Guy,’ just got hacked by the FBI,” Trump said. wrote in his Truth Social network on Tuesday night. “Now we are officially living in an armed police state, rigged elections and all. Our country is a laughing stock all over the world. The majesty of the United States is gone. I can’t let this happen. RECOVER AMERICA!”

What is the next?

Lindell and Trump will appear together at a rally in Ohio on Saturday.

Even though the CEO of MyPillow is not the target of the FBI operation, he is still not free from legal troubles.

He is the subject of several libel lawsuits from major polling companies, alleging that Lindell harmed the companies with his unmasked election conspiracies.

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