Election 2024: ‘Some people must go to hell for others to go to heaven’ – Hassan Ayariga

Election 2024: ‘Some people must go to hell for others to go to heaven’ – Hassan Ayariga

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The founder and leader of the All Peoples Congress (APC), Dr. Hassan Ayariga, assured that if elected president of Ghana in 2024, incompetent government officials will be fired and forced to face the necessary sanctions.

in an interview with Roselyn Felli about first morning about Mondaythe hopeful APC 2024 flag bearer indicated that there was indiscipline within state institutions and that criminals within government institutions must face the consequences of their actions.

“Some people must go to hell for others to go to heaven. You need to punish, you need to deal with issues. Some go to jail depending on the type of crime they commit. If you kill, you are killed,” he said.

In addition, Hassan Ayariga promised that Ghana will see a reduction in armed robbery cases, adding that the APC government will create jobs for young people. He said politicians would be arrested rather than armed robbers.

He said the APC government hopes to introduce a national database to capture detailed details of every Ghanaian to help arrest criminals and reduce crime.

“We will not have armed robbers because we are going to create a national data system that will capture everyone’s data and make every Ghanaian useful. It will stop crime and reduce theft because in Dubai the crime level is 0.004. Because? Data,” she said.

He added that “when you have the right leaders, everyone benefits. Why do you think there are armed robbers in the country? It’s because of the situation. Nobody wants to be a thief. The main armed robbers are government officials, so let’s send them to jail first.”

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Meanwhile, the founder of APC believes that the government’s neglect of state institutions is reducing the level of employee commitment.

Source: Joan Come Maanyiaza

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