Criterion Channel to air ’80s horror movies next month

Criterion Channel to air ’80s horror movies next month
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If you’re a horror fan with a Criterion Channel subscription, you’ve got a hell of a month to look forward to. The streaming service will kick off the Halloween season with a collection of thirty of the best horror movies from the ’80s. With movies from Dario Argento, John Carpenter, David Cronenberg, Tobe Hooper and more, there’s something for everyone from the slasher to Amy Holden Jones The Slumber Party Massacre for Kathryn Bigelow’s cult classic vampire thriller almost dark.

This 80s horror collection curated by Clyde Folley will take you on a “The ghastly tour of the decade of greed features ambitious pulp art hybrids, old-fashioned creature features, a vampiric Nicolas Cage, and absolutely unclassifiable cult oddities, bringing together some of the most elegant, frightening, and outrageous visions of the eighties.” Here is the full list of horror movies that will be available on the Criterion Channel on October 1st, but please note that Tony Scott The hunger will not arrive until November 1st.

  • HellDario Argento, 1980
  • The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Miss OsbourneWalerian Borowczyk, 1981
  • Dead and buriedGary Sherman, 1981
  • the cemetery houseLucio Fulci, 1981
  • the fun houseTobe Hooper, 1981
  • Strange behaviorMichael Laughlin, 1981
  • wolvesMichael Wadleigh, 1981
  • scannersDavid Cronenberg, 1981
  • road gamesRichard Franklin, 1981
  • The fanEd Bianchi, 1981
  • BasketFrank Henenlotter, 1982
  • DownwardTony Williams, 1982
  • Cat peoplePaul Schrader, 1982
  • Q: The Winged SerpentLarry Cohen, 1982
  • The Slumber Party MassacreAmy Holden Jones, 1982
  • The fortressMichael Mann, 1983
  • The hungerTony Scott, 1983 (not arriving until November 1)
  • Henry: Portrait of a Serial KillerJohn McNaughton, 1986
  • The HiddenJack Sholder, 1987
  • Prince of DarknessJohn Carpenter, 1987
  • white of the eyeDonald Cammel, 1987
  • almost darkKathryn Bigelow, 1987
  • The missingGeorge Sluizer, 1988
  • brain damageFrank Henenlotter, 1988
  • dream demonHarley Cokeliss, 1988
  • The dropChuck Russell, 1988
  • White Worm’s LairKen Russell, 1988
  • vampire kissRobert Bierman, 1988
  • SocietyBrian Yuzna, 1989
  • Tetsuo: Iron ManShinya Tsukamoto, 1989
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Which of these classic 80s horror movies will you check out on the Criterion Channel?

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