Contractor Claims Mark Zuckerberg Won’t Pay for Fancy Treehouses at His Hawaii Complex

Contractor Claims Mark Zuckerberg Won’t Pay for Fancy Treehouses at His Hawaii Complex

In March 2020, a contractor in Hawaii agreed to build a multi-million dollar home, cabin and treehouses at Mark Zuckerberg’s complex on the island of Kauai. Now, the company is suing several companies affiliated with the Facebook billionaire, arguing that they still owe the company $133,726 plus interest on luxury homes.

According to records filed with a lien in state court, Williams Construction was contracted to erect a “Jungle House & Cabin” and “Tree Houses” on the more than 300-acre property owned by Zuckerberg’s Pilaʻa International LLC and Pilaʻa Land LLC. (Records indicate that another company, ORBT, LLC, acted as an agent for the Pila’a companies.)

Williams claims he “was not paid for all of his labor, materials and equipment as agreed” despite submitting a bill and requests for payment. The guarantee says that Williams “has used its best efforts to contact ORBT to resolve outstanding debts”, but that the company “fails and/or refuses to make payment in accordance with Williams’ requests”.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for the Zuckerberg family told local news site Kaua’i Now: “To the best of our knowledge, we have paid all invoices sent by Williams Construction in full.”

A hearing on the matter is scheduled for September 28.

The court’s exhibits include an email from the contractor from November 2019 detailing the projects on the Zuckerberg Island property — including another potential million-dollar home called “Casa Cachoeira” — and rough estimates of the cost of each.

A project labeled “Jungle House (Main)” would cost $2.9 million with a construction time of 16 months. “This is based on other projects we’ve done recently,” the contractor’s email read. “In addition to taking into account the potential difficulty of the roads, subcontractors that don’t have 4x4s, building a temporary bridge to cross materials, tearing it down, rope bridges that become very custom and time-bound, etc.”

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The email also referred to the “Casa da Selva (Cabana)”, which was quoted at $500,000 “based on the demolition of the cabin and the construction of a new 500 square foot cabin” and the property’s road problems.

Finally, “Tree Houses” were estimated at US$1,000 to US$1,500 per square meter. “These treehouses will be considerably timely,” the message continued, “especially with everything that must be allowed and within the code, building scaffolding around the treehouses, intricate rope bridges, no weather protection, and so on. ”.

Meanwhile, the “Casa Cachoeira” mentioned in the email (but not the guarantee) was calculated at $1.28 million, while “excluding pool and fire pit for now”.

“We really love working with you and look forward to any opportunity to do so, but we are extremely busy,” concluded the contractor. “So, as we mentioned on the spot, when there is innocent indecision or a job that needs to be expedited, it becomes very expensive because of schedule changes, overtime, subcontractor incentives to be at our disposal, etc. we can assemble for you.”

The treehouse claim isn’t the only legal action pending against Pila’a Land.

In August, security guard Rodney Medeiros’ family filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Zuckerberg’s company, alleging that the tech mogul and his wife Priscilla Chan only offered their loved ones $7,500 after Medeiros died of a heart attack. Relatives say Medeiros, 70, was forced to climb a steep, muddy hill alone because of storms shortly before his cardiac emergency in August 2019. They said staff often transported him to and from his post on an ATV. .

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Ben LaBolt, a spokesman for Zuckerberg, said the $7,500 was “given by Mark and Priscilla” and was intended to “help with the burial and funeral expenses” of Medeiros, who worked for a security contractor. LaBolt added that ranch personnel immediately called 911 and sent doctors to the scene, and Medeiros was “aware and communicative” when an ambulance arrived.

Medeiros’ daughter, Ziba, told Hawaii news now she was shocked after her father died and initially grateful for the Zuckerberg clan funds. But the more she thought about it, the more upset she became that billionaires offered so little.

“It’s $7,500 for our father’s life,” Ziba said. “Is that supposed to make everything okay?”

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