Confused about blush placement? This TikTok Makeup Trick Will Help You

Confused about blush placement?  This TikTok Makeup Trick Will Help You


It truly is the year of blush, with countless releases from your favorite brands dropping seemingly every week, viral Tiktok products selling out in minutes, and a serious obsession with learning how different blush locations can completely alter or effortlessly complement your unique facial structure. And, most of the time, the goal is to lose weight, lift and shave your face.

From contouring blush (without the bronzer) to a purple blush obsession. From the blush that makes you look tanned (in the best possible way) to the expertly placed blush that brightens the under-eye area – the latest trick to attack BeautyTok should give the most to girls who love beauty. parfait blush application every time, using only your hand as a tool.

The creators of the Growth Platform found that if you line up the back of your hand against your face – with your thumb under your nose and fingers pointing up framing your forehead and creating a 90 degree angle in your cheeks – the curve at that 90° angle -degrees serves as a guide for optimal blush placement. And while some seem skeptical, the hack has a low risk, (possibly) high reward, as it’s a no-buy trend.

In addition to being free (given you have an easy-to-use cream blush), Angela Lanter, TikToker who originally shared this trick, shares that the trick works for all face shapes.

Are you ready to try?

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