Chicago’s Corey Simon Had His Car Stolen Twice In 3 Hours: ‘Luck Is On My Side’

Chicago’s Corey Simon Had His Car Stolen Twice In 3 Hours: ‘Luck Is On My Side’

CHICAGO (WLS) – Corey Simon could hardly believe it.

“I mean, who has their car stolen twice in three hours?” he asked aloud.

First, a blatant daylight car theft, straight from the dealership. Simon said it happened on Monday when he took his 2017 Jaguar SUV in for an oil change.

A dark four-door stops, two masked people exit and enter the bay where Simon’s car had its hood open. They closed it, got in and left.

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“Masked people came in and took the car and hijacked it,” Simon said.

Simon called the police – they arrived within minutes – and showed the GPS tracker in the car.

“We found it on the west side of Chicago,” he said.

His Jaguar drove from Bucktown to the 2600 block of W. Madison in East Garfield Park.

The CPD escorted him to his vehicle. Simon took his car and drove it to the local gas station to fill up, then: “I got out of my car, filled it up and jumped on someone else who stole my car and drove away.”

He says his car was stolen twice in the space of three hours. He said he let it run while he was filling up at the gas station.

“Disappeared in 60 seconds or less,” he said. “The nozzle was in the tank, gasoline was running everywhere.”

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This time the car drove from the 2300 block of West Fullerton in Bucktown to Douglas Park.

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“I contacted the two officers who helped me earlier and said, ‘You will never believe this, but my car was stolen again.’”

Chicago police recovered your car. Simon said the second time they retrieved it, there were stolen plates and he was grateful for the police’s quick work.

“Just a life lesson that we all need to be mindful of our surroundings and just be smart and hardworking,” he said.

As for your friends and family?

“They’re telling me to buy some lottery tickets now,” he said. “Luck is on my side, I just hope I get lucky this time.”

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