Boston Children’s Hospital pump; FBI arrests woman involved

Boston Children’s Hospital pump;  FBI arrests woman involved


Federal agents have arrested a western Massachusetts woman in connection with a bomb threat against Boston Children’s Hospital, officials announced Thursday.

Massachusetts prosecutor Rachael Rollins announced the arrest of a Westfield woman in connection with an anonymous bomb threat on Aug. 30 that drew a heavy police presence and forced the closure of area roads.

Court records indicate that the caller told a hospital operator: “There’s a bomb on its way to the hospital, you better evacuate everyone, your patients.”

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Boston Children's Hospital
Boston Children’s Hospital Bomb Rumor; FBI arrests woman involved

After an investigation, no bombs were found.


Rollins said investigators had identified a Westfield-based Catherine Leavy cell phone account that was used to make the threat.

“She was arrested at her home earlier today and the phone allegedly used to make the threat has been recovered,” Rollins said.

Leavy is accused of making a false telephone bomb threat and appeared in federal court in Boston for a hearing on Thursday. Rollins said Leavy will be held pending a noon detention hearing.

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“This alleged conduct is disturbing, to say the least,” Rollins said. ” Bomb fraud causes fear, panic and the diversion of resources that have a real impact on our communities. People who work at Children’s Hospital and parents who bring their loved ones to Children’s Hospital are under enough stress.”

Boston Children’s Hospital was also targeted by a bomb threat last week, which led to an increased police presence and extra precautions at the facility. The criminal charge announced on Thursday was unrelated to the latest threat, Rollins said.

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The threats follow other threats of violence made against doctors and other staff over the hospital’s surgical program for transgender youth.

Boston Children’s is home to the US’s first transgender pediatric and adolescent health program. It became the focus of far-right social media accounts, news outlets and bloggers after they found informative videos posted by the hospital about surgical offers for transgender patients. The hospital removed the videos and began working with law enforcement.

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Critics cited the videos and snippets of earlier language on the hospital’s website to claim that Boston Children’s Hospital was improperly performing gender-affirming surgeries, such as hysterectomies, on minors and “young” children. The response was swift and relentless, with a flurry of users demanding the hospital close and calling the surgeries “mutilation”, “barbarism” and “child abuse”, while accusing their doctors of negligence or illegal activity.

The hospital said it had received “a high volume” of hostile online messages, phone calls and harassing emails, including threats of violence.

The hospital later updated the language on its websites to emphasize that to qualify for most gender-affirming surgical procedures, patients must be at least 18 years old and meet certain criteria, including undergoing medical and mental health assessments. intensive care and send letters of support.

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