BiggBoss 6: Singer Revanth is falling behind in the game..!

BiggBoss 6: Singer Revanth is falling behind in the game..!
One of the strong contestants of Bigg Boss Season 6, in addition to one or two of the 21 contestants who entered the house, is singer Revanth, who is well known to the public. In addition to showing talent as a singer, they had fun seeing him at various shows. As Revanth became a contestant on Bigg Boss Season 6, everyone focused on him.

Although Revanth impresses with his playstyle, his temper sometimes holds him back. There’s already a big argument in the house about his angry words. Even though Revanth is trying his best to prove himself, for some reason this isn’t happening. Also, if there have been singers in the seasons so far… they entertain by singing songs every now and then… but Revanth seems to have forgotten that he’s a singer.

Some weekend, Nagarjuna sings songs in front of him, but indoors he has enough time to get angry. He always claims that he is right in everything. This is why many people mistake Revanth for housemates. Some people tune into Revanth, but some people seem to be targeting Revanth. The two reviewers who came into the house this season, Adi Reddy and Geethu, gave a review that it would be hard to be in the top 5 even if Revanth was struggling like this. But Revanth being targeted by many housemates will have an effect on external voting. He currently has the highest percentage of votes.

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BiggBoss 6: Singer Revanth is falling behind in the game..!

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