‘Big Brother 24’ Weeks 6-9 Review: The Truth About Kyle Rocks the House

‘Big Brother 24’ Weeks 6-9 Review: The Truth About Kyle Rocks the House

Did anyone imagine the first half of the jury phase would look like this? Big Brother 24 it’s been a rollercoaster of twists, real bombs, and tensions between guests. No one can say this season was predictable; guests have continually played a difficult strategic game, sometimes to their detriment. And even when alliances appear to be on stable ground, a quick decision or revelation changes everything. The best way to get through the last four weeks of the game is to hit the big moments.

Week #6 could have been the end of the game for Taylor. His reign as Head of Household (HOH) exposed a crack in his strategic ability. Specifically, she would change her opinion based on the last person she talked to about strategy. All Taylor needed to do was nominate members outside of The Leftovers alliance; doing a simple week of HOH would have worked to her benefit as it would show her trust in the alliance and not complicate matters. However, her promising security to Indy, Jasmine and Alyssa right off the bat only came back to haunt her when she broke those agreements. Never make upfront promises at first, as you’ll never know if those plans will need to change.

The Indy dump came from a place of being the strongest threat. Being nominated against Terrence didn’t help because he didn’t have strong ties like her or the greatest potential to win challenges. Also, as the men feared a possible alliance of women, eliminating Indy helped to squelch any possible options. Also, Indy kept talking about leaving the game and refusing to sit on the jury. She stopped (mentally and emotionally) from playing the game when she realized she no longer had the power. Indy wasn’t going to win Big Brother 24; she had no social or strategic connections to protect her, so it was only a matter of time.

Week #7 introduced the indoor/outdoor twist that split the house into two separate games. This twist was very interesting in theory because it separated the players and kept them from knowing what was happening on the other side of the house. Plus, it’s a great way for guests to make a big move or give weaker players/alliances a chance to fight back. We saw how quickly new groups formed and how their games changed without certain people around. However, my only issue with this twist was how the indoor/outdoor groups were chosen – this should have been a random draw. Having HOHs Michael and Terrence pick the groups only allowed them to set their targets and telegraph who was likely leaving. Unfortunately, it took away much needed drama.

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In the inner faction, it was obvious that Jasmine’s days were numbered. The other four guests were members of The Leftovers alliance, so unless she gained the Power of Veto (POV) she wouldn’t stick around. Her only chance was to gain POV or increase her paranoia against Monte. If Michael and Brittany wanted to eliminate a major threat, they would have the option of turning the tables on Monte, who had talked about dumping Michael sooner rather than later. Michael and Brittany knew from Taylor that Monte had thrown away Michael’s name, so they missed several great opportunities to attack if necessary.

Meanwhile, the outdoor faction was where total chaos erupted. Did anyone else think the group got too nasty with Joseph? Alyssa, Terrance, Kyle and Turner left him without justification. Of course, Turner tried to protect himself from being evicted, but he joined in to target Joseph and attacked. Much of the blame here goes to Kyle for putting the pieces together for Terrance and Alyssa to direct their anger at Joseph. He framed the false narrative of the Monte/Joseph/Taylor power alliance and made the deals that sealed Joseph’s fate. Joseph never had a chance because someone had an agenda against him: Kyle wanted his girlfriend to be protected and he wanted to eliminate an alliance he feared was running things. It’s okay to eliminate a threat, but his actions were also motivated by biases and prejudices he formed early on (we’ll get to that shortly).

Big Brother 24 CBS Michael and Brittany strategizing
CBS / TV Global

Week #8 was Kyle’s week. Simply put, everything from strategy to decisions focused on what Kyle did. Let’s start right now: Michael and Brittany are guilty of not sharing what Kyle said about POC guests weeks earlier (i.e. him trying to form an all-white alliance to dump all POC guests into a fictional alliance of all POCs) . They latched onto this information and used it as a strategy to their advantage to get what they wanted at the right time. Of course, it might have been difficult at the time to talk to Kyle and share his thoughts, but this topic could have been discussed with the entire household and Kyle could have been evicted weeks earlier. The timing of the revelation and how it came to be is not entirely pleasing to me.

However (and let’s make this clear) the way Michael and Brittany shared this information doesn’t take away from the seriousness of what Kyle did. Both things can be true and one must not deny the other. Michael and Brittany used information, but it was information that Kyle told them. Kyle didn’t just have a theory – he put his plans into action by trying to form an all-white alliance. Even after Michael and Brittany convinced him, he continued to campaign and made plans to dump the POC he believed was running the game (i.e. Joseph, Monte and Taylor). Also, he said a lot of things that showed his prejudices and racism and proved that there was a problem going on. Kyle was to blame for everything he did, and he admitted this during conversations with his fellow guests when the truth came out.

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So it’s quite disappointing that the edited Big Brother 24 episodes came out with a narrative that portrayed Kyle as the sympathetic victim and Michael/Brittany as the opportunistic villains. Everything from the chosen diary scenes/rooms, the tone of the dialogue, and the background music were all heavily done in Kyle’s favor. Big Brother 24 wanted us to hear Kyle’s point of view, sympathize with his “mistake”, encourage his growth and be suspicious of what Michael/Brittany did. The episodes were framed around Kyle’s journey.

But why don’t we hear the point of view of the remaining POC guests remaining in the game? Hearing from Monte, Taylor and Terrance would have been a better and more heartfelt journey because they were the guests affected by what Kyle did. There were three guests who could clarify what he felt when he discovered this in the Big Brother house and his conversations with Kyle about his racism. Instead, it was a sympathetic narrative about Kyle having a bad week and falling victim to an obscure game play. We shouldn’t feel bad about Kyle being exposed and then evicted; he is not the victim in this situation.

I loved the jury segment during week 9 because the jury members were open with Kyle about their heartbreak and issues with what he did. We, as viewers, got a serious representation of how bad his actions were and how they affected the people around him. Jasmine looked bewildered, Joseph was disgusted, and Indy was furious at what Kyle had done. We need more real and raw scenes like this because they genuinely discuss the topic while delivering a fun drama. Sure, it ended with Kyle’s grade rising, but she didn’t hold back too much to let him have her.

Big Brother 24 CBS Turner plotting against Terrance
CBS / TV Global

Speaking of Week #9, the round once again showed why it’s important to make the big move instead of waiting. Michael winning the HOH could have been his opportunity to eliminate a threat that was targeting him in his name (i.e. Monte or Turner). Instead, he gave them a reprieve to evict someone not in The Leftovers alliance and ensured Turner’s safety. Sometimes you have to take a risk and make the change; you never know when you’ll have a chance to walk away from a threat. Michael should have listened to Brittany because her mistake came back to haunt him.

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Terrance’s dump was confirmed the second the POV was not used. Alyssa had the vows to stay, and she had the connections to benefit others later in the game. Alyssa being terrible at challenges also worked in her favor! The problem with Terrance’s game was that he kept holding a grudge and putting his power on the losing side. Had he used the goodwill to gain HOH and POV weeks earlier, he might have built new bonds that would protect him. And if he had stopped badmouthing Taylor and trusted her, she might have been more open to working with him. Instead, all his bad words and actions came back to hurt him when he really needed votes. Should she have trusted him? Absolutely not. Nothing Terrance has done this season has shown Taylor that she can trust him not to try to dump her again; Terrance would have gone after her at the first opportunity. Terrance couldn’t compose himself before it was too late.

Michael’s eviction during the double eviction took a while to arrive. He avoided eviction for many weeks and developed a huge target due to his many challenge wins. Unfortunately, it only takes one defeat in the challenge to end someone’s game. Kudos to Taylor, Monte, Turner and Alyssa for taking the picture when they could. It’s a great strategic move for their games, and it’s one that many players don’t get the chance to make or have the courage to take. However, we have Michael credit for almost avoiding that fate; his “Gentlemen’s Agreement” alliance with Monte and Turner looked strong earlier in the week, were it not for some last-minute arguments with Taylor. Miguel is a great Big Brother player; I hope he comes back for a future season to see if he can continue his winning streak.

Week #6-9 had some highs and some lows, but it was a really fun week. Strong gameplay, important moves, and shocking twists rocked the house. Big Brother 24 has been delivering the drama. If the momentum holds up until the final night, this could turn into a Top 5 season based on the season’s riveting journey.

Big Brother 24 airs on CBS Sundays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 8/7c.


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