Best Halloween pet costumes

Best Halloween pet costumes

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Halloween is almost here and before it’s too late and before you start putting together a panicked look, it’s time to start looking for good costumes. But before you start putting together your own costume, you need to buy one to take your furry friend’s cuteness factor to the next level. Buying a new costume for your pet is easily the best way to add to the Halloween spirit, add to your own costume theme, or simply snap some pictures that will stay framed in your home forever.

That said, finding a good costume for your cat or dog is a much harder task than it sounds. With so many different sizes and possibilities, it can be nearly impossible to make that decision. So instead of scrolling through pages and pages of pet costumes, check out our list of the best Halloween pet costumes to buy this year below.

California Costumes USPS Delivery Driver Dog and Cat Costume

If you’re a dog that hates or loves the mailman, the California Customs USPS delivery driver costume is a solid choice. Designed to look like classic USPS uniforms, the costume comes with a cute front pack with faux mailman arms. The costume also comes with a hat for added authenticity. So while it’s not the scariest costume, it’s sure to send a scare down the spines of every other dog on the block.

Frisco front walk cowboy cat and dog costume

Perhaps the cutest costume on the entire list, the Frisco Front Walking Cowboy Costume is designed for all the Western fans out there. The costume has a vintage cowboy look, including cow print pants and a large belt buckle at the front. The costume also comes with an adorable cowboy hat that fits perfectly on top of your cat or dog’s head. The front walk style of the costume also means that if you look at your pet from the front it will look like he has transformed into a little cowboy that is sure to be a hit.

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STAR WARS R2-D2 sweatshirt for dogs and cats

If you’re looking for a cute costume that’s easier to wear for any of the most demanding pets, the Star Wars R2-D2 sweatshirt is the right choice. Designed like a hooded sweatshirt, the suit is less complex and doesn’t come with any accessories that can be ripped off throughout the night. The hoodie will allow you to take a few quick pictures of your dressed pet (possibly in theme with the rest of your family) without disturbing them all night. The costume also comes in a variety of sizes, so no matter what size your puppy is, you’ll be able to find the right fit.

Frisco Bumble Bee dog and cat costume

For a simpler look that only focuses on increasing the cuteness of your pets, the Frisco Bumble Bee Outfit is a great choice. The costume features classic bee stripes and even has a small stinger at the end. Unlike other options, the costume also comes with wins attached to the main part of the costume. The bee costume also has an attachable helmet with two antennae sticking out – precious!

Frisco Rooster dog and cat costume

Designed with a yellow body, the Frisco Rooster costume has a plume of multicolored feathers near the back, along with a headpiece with a classic rooster comb and two goofy eyeballs. The costume comes in a variety of different sizes, so you can choose the one that best fits your furry friend with no hassle.

Jack Skellington dog costume from Rubie’s Costume Company

For all Disney lovers, Rubie’s Costume Company offers a Jack Skellington dog costume. The costume gives your dog the classic outfit worn by the beloved star of Nightmare Before Christmas. Equipped with a large bow tie and striped coat tails, your dog will be able to add to the holiday fear. The costume also has a helmet with a large, grinning Jack Skellington skull on top to help tie the whole look together.

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