Bad Sisters (Season 1), Episode 6: Recap and Ending Explained

Bad Sisters (Season 1), Episode 6: Recap and Ending Explained

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Bad Sisters (Season 1), Episode 6: Ending Recap and Explanation: The sixth episode, ‘Splash’, finally sees Grace taking some agency into her hands. JP’s villainy manages to overcome itself again. Focusing on Grace, he brushes aside the other sisters in favor of providing us with a more detailed look at just how bleak her home life is. The assassination plot here is given much less time compared to previous episodes, although the actual attempt is the funniest to date. Thomas’ discovery has added to the complexity of where the Claffin brothers are going, given that their situation was already detailed in the previous episode, but their goal still remains at odds with the well-being of Grace and Blanaid. Becka and Matt’s relationship feels like a complement to the plot, but given how tight the writing has been so far, I hope it ties into the larger scheme of things convincingly.


In the aftermath of the paintball shootout, Bibi goes into a shell out of guilt. Eva, Ursula and Becka’s constant attempts to assuage their remorse don’t work. At the same time, they can’t stand the sight of Grace decreasing as a woman day by day because of JP’s nasty treatment of her. A casual comment from Eva makes Ursula come up with a new plan – drug JP with Rohypnol and then put the incapacitated guy in the bathtub, making it look like he drowned in it. Ursula will acquire this drug, which cannot be traced in an autopsy, at her workplace. While Ursula is ready to go ahead with the plan as quickly as possible, Eva insists they wait until Bibi shows up. Becka manages to do this job by convincing the repentant Bibi that Cyril will have lost his eye for nothing if they fail to kill JP. JP’s mother, who suffers from Alzheimer’s and is a friend of Becka’s, mistakes her for being her daughter and gives her a check for £8,000 which Becka thinks she’ll take advantage of.

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A sexually impoverished Grace cannot convince JP to have sex with her. In her art class, the model tells her that Grace’s body is for her to do with, not her husband’s. She buys a nightgown to seduce JP, but while wearing it, he rejects her stating that, according to him, she is prettier when she doesn’t portray any of her sisters’ qualities. Grace asks him to take a Viagra which antagonizes JP and also reveals to us that it is his impotence that is the problem in their marriage. At Eva’s house, the sisters doggedly try to convince Grace that the turnaround in their marriage is not her fault. Eva gives skeptical Grace a vibrator as a solution, but it doesn’t work for her and, in a hurry, she hides it in a bath towel at her house.

Bad Sisters Season 1 Episode 6

JP’s plan to take his boss on a boat trip is canceled at the last minute. His neighbor Roger, who always asks him when he goes out on a boat, is at the dock when he is and JP decides to respond to his attempts to convince him with a scathing insult. Upon returning home, JP notices Roger and Grace happily dancing in his garden, which disgusts him, so he instantly takes her inside. To play a sick prank on Roger, he falsely accuses him of molesting his non-existent son while remaining anonymous. The police arrest the innocent Roger, a sight that JP sadistically enjoys. When he finds out about Grace’s vibrator, he confronts her about it and taunts her like an aged and unattractive woman, not turning him on in the slightest. The livid Grace leaves with Blanaid for her netball game, despite his threats not to go. Later that day, he sends her a voicemail where he implies that he will kill himself if she doesn’t come home soon.

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In the present day, Becka and Matt have a good relationship. At her house, while rummaging through his things one morning, he stumbles across Minna’s check and photographs it as possible evidence of some sort of cheating. This tells us that Becka never took back the £8,000 Minna gave her. Thomas repeatedly tries to contact Matt, but fails. Outside JP’s house, where he is keeping watch, he encounters Roger, who in his anger at talking about JP, lets slip that JP once tried to commit suicide. Thomas tries to interrogate Grace about it, which only lets him know that JP never liked talking about his suicide attempt, she felt guilty and found out everything she knew about it just at the hospital. Thomas obtains documents about JP’s suicide that make him childishly excited. He calls Matt, begging him to forgive him while stating that the new information he has may be just what they need to ensure they don’t have to pay insurance claims.


On the night of Blanaid’s netball game, the Garvey sisters arrive at JP’s house to murder him. Bibi speculated that, due to his habits, he would go out for fast food, which would give them the perfect window to break into his house and put Rohypnol in his nasal spray that he is addicted to. When JP actually leaves the house, Eva, Ursula and Becka enter to do the deed. When Ursula is about to finish pouring the Rohypnol into her nasal spray bottle, JP returns home on time. Bibi warns them about this, causing them to search the entire house to find a place to hide. He walks in and ends up inhaling the changed nasal spray. This apparently knocks him out.

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Just when the sisters are about to put him in the bathtub, he wakes up in a drunken state. He urinates in the closet, leaves the house without pants, sits in the car and starts driving. The sisters hurriedly follow him in hopes of making sure he doesn’t kill anyone in an accident. JP’s drunkenness makes him believe he should go out with his boss, Gerald. So he drives to the pier where, while trying to get on his boat, he trips and falls into the water. He can’t swim, so the Garveys continue to stare in pleasant disbelief that a plan of theirs has finally worked. Given the episode’s revelation of JP having attempted suicide, this slip and fall will not in all likelihood kill him and is what will be interpreted as the aforementioned suicide attempt.

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