Anchor Suma.. Can’t succeed at one thing?

Anchor Suma.. Can’t succeed at one thing?
Anchor Suma.. It is no exaggeration to say that there is no Telugu audience on Telugu television that does not know this name. Suma has reigned as the uncrowned maharani on television for nearly two decades. It is no exaggeration to say that while there are many new anchors coming, there is still no one who can compete with Suma. Suma captivates Telugu audiences with his eloquence without any trace of vulgarity. The repercussion was such that, if Suma is the anchor of a program, the public will certainly think that the show will be a super success.

She always makes television audiences laugh with her spontaneous antics and makes sure the shows she is hosting receive top ratings. But Suma entertains not only the shows on the big screen, but the film’s pre-release events as well. Needless to say, she became super successful as an anchor. Suma is earning well through TV shows on one side and movie events on the other. It is known that he organizes some shows under his own banner. But for some reason the shows that Suma is anchoring are not able to impress the audience.

With this, it must be said that the shows of his own banner, which has long acted as a commentator on television, have not been broadcast to the public for a long time. In this order, Suma is also said to have suffered heavy losses due to TV shows and films produced under its own banner. But every show and every event that Suma does under other banners is also a success. But no matter what Suma does under his own banner, it’s not working. Looks like Suma decided to stay away from the construction industry
Recently, Suma has been sharing all the things happening in her life with her fans through her YouTube channel.

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Anchor Suma.. Can’t succeed at one thing?

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